Platform shoes and go-go boots… what we used to wear!

It was the 70s and skirts were getting shorter and shoes were getting taller. As much as your outfit was

It was the 70s and skirts were getting shorter and shoes were getting taller. As much as your outfit was a representation of your style, so were your shoes! The go-go boots and platform shoes are just two of the very popular styles of the era so today we take a look back at what we used to wear.

Platform shoes

You can be forgiven for thinking platform shoes were created just for disco dancing – they were actually created over 2,000 years ago and not for fashion purposes! But they definitely were most well-known in the 70s era and loved by both men and women. Some platform-lovers even adorned their pairs with live aquariums and light-up bulbs!

Artists such as Elton John, David Bowie and KISS loved the platform shoe but by the 80s, platform shoes were out. Luckily they came right back in the 90s as 70s revival was strong, and again in the last few years. But let’s face it: no era did platforms like we did!

In fact the platform shoe fad of the 70s was most likely the longest shoe-related fad in history as it just keeps coming back.

The average platform shoe had a front platform of about 2 inches with a heel that measured 4-5 inches though there were a number of styles that were much higher. The heels weren’t thin like the ones on today’s platform shoes but were thick and chunky, as well as colourful.

Go-go boots

Some of the most iconic images of the 60s contain girls with short skirts and long go-go boots, dancing away with flowers in their hair. Before the knee high-style that became known as Go-Go boots, women only wore books for riding, walking or in tough terrain.

The lunar white boots – which were calf-high – were very popular at the time and made dancing for long periods of time quite easy. The boots were quickly named “go-go boots” after the go-go dancers who wore them.

Once again popular in recent years, go-go boots both new and old are still well loved.

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