It’s not too late to share some love on Valentine’s Day

You can show your loved one how you feel in some many special ways.
You can show your love at any age.

If you have woken up this morning and just realised it is Valentine’s Day, it’s not too late to show the love.
And it doesn’t matter how long that special someone has been in your life, you can easily show them how much you love them.
Here are a few last minute ideas for Valentines Day that won’t have you trekking all over town, or breaking the bank.

The saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That actually applies to both sexes, especially when it relates to a decadent treat on Valentine’s Day. Simple ideas could be homemade biscuits or a cake with a heart theme, or even purchased food items in a pretty box. If your loved one doesn’t like sweet things, buy them what they do like and wrap it up in a pretty bow.

Make your own Valentines gift in your kitchen.
Make your own Valentines gift in your kitchen.













A book lover would always love a new novel added to their collection. It doesn’t have to be a romance book or follow the love theme. The latest by their favourite author or even a new edition of an old classic would be appreciated. Add a bit more of a romantic touch with a bookmark featuring a special message. It would be easy to make your own.

Let your love bloom with a pretty pot plant, instead of a bunch of flowers. You can even prepare something yourself with a nice pot and flowers already in bloom from your local nursery.

A voucher at a day spa is a lovely idea but you can also do it yourself if you plan a relaxing evening at home. A few bath salts, candles and a bag of rose petals are a good start and then offer a relaxing massage.

You can also make your own vouchers too that your loved one can cash in at any time; a foot massage, a night off cooking dinner, a date night; whatever you think will make your special someone happy.

A photo in a frame or a photo album with a few photos of special moments of your loved one is a great idea. You can include a ‘to be continued’ note in an album, to let them know there are lots more special moments to come.

Put it in writing. Little love notes scattered throughout the house can make your loved one feel super special.

Little things like love notes have big effects.
Little things like love notes have big effects.













Bring out the board games, but with a difference. Play scrabble but make it that the words have to have a love theme, change the rules in Monopoly so that when you pass go your get $200 and a kiss.

Buy some tickets… to the movies, to a show, make reservations for a trip away or a night’s accommodation. 

Prefer a night in? Make it special. A few candles or romantic decorations is a good start. Set up the lounge room ready to watch a romantic movie and have a few sweet snacks to enjoy the night, but add a few surprises. It can be as simple as adding a few heart shaped sprinkles to the popcorn.

A night in can be made special.
A night in can be made special.













Do you believe in the romance of Valentine’s Day? How are you going to celebrate it?