Grandma, your slip is showing!

I attended a wedding the other day with my granddaughter and as we were following the crowd in for the

I attended a wedding the other day with my granddaughter and as we were following the crowd in for the reception, my granddaughter observed that my slip was showing. She quietly whispered “Grandma it’s snowing down south!”

I whispered back, “Darling, Grandma is just grateful that it’s not raining!”

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    • Kerry, I am for the first time in about 20 years on thursday !! We are having an Art Deco Day for the elderly clients in our day group. I have resurrected a dress from the back of the wardrobe, last worn about 20 years ago, not Art Deco really but close enough !! but its see through !! so had to dedge a slip up from a bag of old clothes, think it was only worn once for my daughters wedding about 25 years ago, lucky I kept it because certainly havnt worn them for over 20 years !!!

    • facebook_elda.quinton  

      That’s what I thought too. Don’t even own any now.

    • Julie  

      A slip! my goodness haven’t heard that one since my Grandma and my mother – I’m a grandma – that sort of language defines you. Nothing wrong with being older but as Helen Mirren says bolder!

  1. I. Was brought up to never show my underwear and I never will still wear petticoat if required or clothes with lining

    • Did you ever wear a bikini to the beach or a swimming costume? The descriptions are different but it’s all underwear.

  2. Anonymous  

    i recall a Dental Nurse at our Primary school playing badminton with the kids on a break – when her petticoat fell to the ground. Oh what a scandalous giggle that was for us back then…lol

  3. Dont wear dresses , slips or stockings anymore . Havent for years . Lol

    • I dont wear skirts or dresses either but in the back of my wardrobe I found one I was fond of over 20 years ago, goodness knows why I kept it but I can wear it on thursday for an Art Deco day we are doing for our elderly day group clients, not Art Deco but it looks close enough but its see through,lucky I kept a slip worn once for my daughters wedding 25 years ago. I probably only kept it because it cost lots and I couldnt bear to chuck it !! not looking forward to it though dont feel comfortable in a dress.

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