The good old days

Christine sent in this lovely poem we just had to share with you. The author is anonymous. We met and

Christine sent in this lovely poem we just had to share with you. The author is anonymous.

We met and we married a long time ago,

We worked for long hours when wages were low.

No TV, no wireless, no bath – times were hard,

Just a cold water tap and a walk in the yard.

No holidays abroad, no carpets on floors.

We had coal on the fire and we didn’t lock doors.

Our children arrived, no pill in those days.

And we brought them up without any state aid.

They were safe going out to play in the park,

Any old folks could go for a walk in the dark.

No valium, no drugs and no LSD,

We cured most ills with a good cup of tea.

No vandals, no muggings, there was nothing to rob,

We felt we were rich with a couple of bob.

People were happy in those far off days,

Kinder and caring in so many ways.

Milkmen and paperboys would whistle and sing,

A night at the pictures was our one mad fling.

We all had our share of troubles and strife,

We just had to face it being the pattern of life.

Now I’m alone looking back through the years,

I don’t think of the bad times, trouble or tears.

I remember the blessings, our home and our love,

And that we shared them together and I thank God above.

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  1. Sure do! Yes we were poor but it was better that way than the stupidity of the ‘ have it all’s’ today!

    • It’s a greedy society today .. have to have it right now! Too many people compare themselves with the status of others > I blame the internet and social media .. the younger generation is no longer content to wait for anything 😨

    • Agree with you marita. Not happy to start off with a 2 bedroom house they must have the big 4 bedroom one and the two cars.

    • We started in a converted garage with the bed at one end and table and chairs at the other. My husbands father built a shower recess on the side and we shared the garage owners loo which was then a pan system! We were there two years until the house was built. Still, nearly all our furniture is second hand. Young people in Australia need to go to places in Africa, such as Uganda, Kenya etc to find out what doing without is about. We we started out we were rich in comparison with them. By the way, we now own our house and have always been on low incomes! Can’t understand why everyone today has to have ‘ bigger and better’ than the next person.

  2. I wish I could go back 40 years get married still to my husband and have my kids all over again,had no money but was such a beautiful time. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat if I could.

    • Mike here-I woildn’t mind a visit but no to going back permanent like. I don’t know your circumstances but ourchildren were born in our 3rd year & the 7th year of our marriage. I wouldn’t want to change a thing except maybe getting on that (expletive deleted) plane to Vietnam

  3. Nice poem, BUT, the old days had lots of hardships also. I know when I was young, with my Dad away working, Mum was always there for us three Kids. She went without so we didn’t. Love you always Mum. 👵🏼

    • We didn’t have to lock ourselves in our houses day and night and it was safe to go shopping, it was hard, we had to boil the copper even for bath water and all our washing was scrubbed and so and so on and carry it in from the wash house in the backyard (don’t worry about the violin,it’s true)it was hard but rewarding, we didn’t need to lose weight we worked it off. I was born during WWII and I would truly like those safe times back again. For my grandkids.

    • Ah yes…..but that is the answer…’s that hardship that toughens up the person! Young people get it a little too easy these days, so that when the real problems hit, they can’t cope. Doing it hard, makes you appreciate the little things. Like your parents working so hard. Like having time together when you can. Sitting down to a meal together. Reading a story together. Singing. Laughter. Rain. Walks. Not ‘things’, as in consumerism ‘things’. The real things in life that count!

  4. Beautiful memories of a by gone era .. hate the way the world has moved on but we can’t stop change 😣 .. if only we could the world would be a better, safer more respectful place!

  5. We had four children three in nappies no washing machine a very small fridge we managed with the help of neighbours and friends hard times but wont trade for the world.

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