Remembering the makeup we used to love in the 60s and 70s!

Do you remember Pan Stik and Pond’s? Makeup has changed so much over the years! Tonight let’s take a look

Do you remember Pan Stik and Pond’s? Makeup has changed so much over the years!

Tonight let’s take a look back at the makeup we used to love wearing as teenagers and young women, and also the iconic styles we wore such as winged eyeliner, bold lips and heavy mascara.

Which look did you love as a young woman?

A more natural look was favoured – no contouring or bronzer in sight!


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We would slather on the mascara….


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All these amazing famous women showed the varying styles of makeup we loved in the 60s and 70s


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Do you remember shadow creme?


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Face kits changed how we applied makeup


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Twiggy defined the Mod era with her doe eyed look!


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The big hair, the pouty lips, the big eyes – how 60s is this?!


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Powder twist came in heaps of colours and really made our eyes pop… would you do this today?


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Blush was big in the 70s.


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All the celebrities used Hollywood wings to stop wrinkles…


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Our lipsticks used to come in these containers!


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Curling your lashes was very big in the 60s and 70s



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Ultra Brow was a godsend for people who didn’t have a lot of natural brow


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Frosted nail polish was very ‘in’


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Avon was a favourite brand, and still is


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Powder puffs and brushes


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Mirrors in your lipstick compact were a revelation


This green eyeshadow and liner combination was so striking

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Pond’s Vanishing Cream


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Who could forget the iconic Pan Stik?


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What memories do you have of makeup trends and products when you were younger?

  1. I remember when the little pots of lip gloss first came in. Yardley pot ‘o gloss

    • My future mother in laws friend worked at Yardley in Rydalmere and I got so many freebies – pot o gloss I can still smell it!

  2. I smothered the makeup on in the 70s. Powdered eyeshadows came is 3 different shades of each colour. I would put the darkest shade of say green on the eyelid then the second shade in the crease and the light shade up to the eyebrow. Loved blush and lipstick. Now I use a bit of concealer and lipstick. Good memories of getting all dressed up to go to a ball every Saturday night.

    • I loved the 60’s make up, big eyes lol, to some degree I have toned down, still love my eye make up ….. pity we still can’t get Max Factor mascara in the cake with brush 🙁

    • I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup. I once put some green eye shadow on my eyes and my brother dobbed me in to dad, saying I looked like a call girl. I asked him what a call girl was!!!! Only ever wore a slight dab of foundation on the end of my nose and some lipstick….still do. My sister loved pan stick and mum loved Ponds cold cream.

    • I was not allowed to use much makeup either – was always told ‘less is best’. I have always used moisturiser and now, just a little mascara and liner so I don’t look too plain at work!

    • I use soap and water to wash my face every night. Never use any creams. My daughter and grand daughter could start their own shop with the things they have and it takes them ages to clean off their makeup. My bathroom is full of unused creams etc which they insist on buying for me….knowing full well they will use them when they come over!! Standing joke now.

  3. My dad would not let us wear too much make-up but less looked better anyway. I loved my hot pink lipstick,it was all the rage in the sixties. Mini skirts boots and we all wanted to be like Twiggy. Loved the sixties except the Vietnam War.

    • Me too Aileen, I keep returning to Ponds cold cream, over 45 years, it’s excellent value for money and my over sensitive skin is OK with it

  4. Used to use lots of eye shadow. For the last many years have used just mascara and blusher. Never used foundation or powder.

  5. I have never been one for wearing a lot of makeup. As a teenager I never had acne or blotches on my face so had no need to cover up. I did wear eye makeup and heavy eyeliner because I liked to think I was an Elizabeth Taylor look alike. LOL
    Nowdays I would be lucky if I wore makeup three times a year.

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