How a 60s cartoon predicted the future

We all remember those wide-eyed moments where, glued to the television screen, we watched our favourite futuristic family zoom about

We all remember those wide-eyed moments where, glued to the television screen, we watched our favourite futuristic family zoom about 2062 in a flying car. The Jetsons really was just one of those shows. That quaint little family in their technological life, it seemed almost impossible – flying cars and flat screen TVs? Robots and video calls? We’ve taken a look at the world of The Jetsons and our world today, and while it all sounds very futuristic, perhaps The Jetsons wasn’t that far fetched after all……

Flat screens

Flat screens have always been a big part of science fiction and futuristic shows, so it comes as no surprise that The Jetsons called this one long before their time. Flat screens are everywhere in today’s society – all new models of TVs and computers feature a flat (and increasingly flatter) screen, and we’re quite proud to see this new age technology featured in this 60s cartoon.


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Remember George’s car shrinking to the size of a suitcase? So much of The Jetsons’ world revolved around nanotechnology like that, and we’re not as far behind this prediction as you’d think. While we don’t quite have shrinking cars, we do use nanotechnology in bullet-proof vests, power tools, car polish, solar cells, pregnancy tests, and tennis balls.


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Video calling

Video calling was another prominent feature on the Jetsons – George’s boss, Mr Spacely, loved to shout at his employees in digital ‘face to face’, and Jane Jetson used the technology to check up on her husband regularly. Today, video calling is as common as regular calls, and its introduction changed the way we communicate.


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I think every mother who saw The Jetsons coveted Rosie, their robot maid. While robotics has advanced since The Jetsons first aired, we are yet to achieve these futuristic standards. Whilst robotic vacuums and mowers are readily available on the market, and robots with personalities and the ability to learn have been in the news for years, doing both things at once seem to still be beyond them. Rosie’s ability to chat to Jane and look after the house at the same time was always remarkable, and getting access to a robot with Rosie’s skill set would still be a dream.


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Talking alarm clocks

Talking alarm clocks are such a regular occurrence for us today, that it’s easy to forget that it was once considered a thing of the future. George Jetson is woken every morning by an alarm set into his headboard, and although we may not have clocks built into our beds, customisable alarms have been around for years.


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Were there any futuristic devices that you thought we’d be using by now? What piece of technology are you still waiting for?