Grandparents show teenage grandkids how to use rotary phones, clocks and record players

Rotary phones, clocks, record players – who remembers using these? Our grandkids certainly don’t! Millennials these days are more concerned

Rotary phones, clocks, record players – who remembers using these? Our grandkids certainly don’t!

Millennials these days are more concerned with what’s happening on their Facebook than looking back at days gone by and showing an interest in the technologies we used to use. Gone are the days every young person would turn the record over, or set their alarm clock for the next day, or call their friends on the rotary phone.

These were the technologies we thought were amazing, though little did we know that everything would change 20, 30, 40 years on.

Watch as these grandparents show their grandkids how these gadgets work, and the look of amazement at how ‘ancient’ these objects seem:

Do you remember when you had to use these things on a daily basis? What other technologies do you miss?

  1. Years ago my daughter took a Womble LP to school to play to the children . To show them what she liked as a child. The children said what a big CD.

  2. Oh my gosh the changes in technology we have seen over the decades have been amazing, from the very simple to the incredibly complicated. It’s funny to watch these kids trying to work them out.

  3. I think our generation has seen so much change…I wonder if it will continue? 🌸

    • Imagine what my grandparents saw. My Pa was born in the 1872 and my Nan in the late 1880s. They had trains, horses, horse drawn coaches for transport, books and live theatre, for entertainment and pen and paper for communication. My Pa lived till 1964, age 92 and my Nan died at 99. Can you imagine the things that they saw. I don’t think that any generation will see anything, as amazing as what they did.

    • It will.
      My grandchildren will have droids to clean and heat food and take messages and play music upon request and act as a reminder of tasks for the day…like a butler ( of they can afford it).

    • My son believes that meat will be ‘grown’ Darrell Warrington….I’m not sure if I fancy that! 🌸

  4. Yep can still remember the alphabetic letters u had to put in first…..walking to the phonebox on the corner to pass on info to a relative lucky enough to hav a house phone!!

    • We teenage girls used to walk along way past the railway line to use the red phone-box to phone up boys! About all we did was giggle!

  5. Well I asked my son yesterday where I would go to buy new needle for my record player(love to sit and listen to my records music sounds wonderful ) and he said on line because they don’t stock them in the mod music shops. I can’t be the only one that still enjoys a record

    • I enjoy listening to records too, but find it hard to replace old parts of great working old reliable instruments.

  6. Who’s brain is the most adaptable now?? We used our brain where modern technology does it for them. No brain required.

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