Do you remember the sound of the ice cream van?

It may have been years since you last had an ice cream from a mobile van, but when we were
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It may have been years since you last had an ice cream from a mobile van, but when we were younger, it was one of the most exciting events. Everyone would wait on their driveways for the Mr Whippy van to come around with treats, ranging from banana splits to cones dipped in chocolate and nuts.

Mr Whippy was first started in Australia in 1962 and was a huge hit across the country. The original vans can still be seen today!

The Staff family of Hervey Bay in Queensland have been continuously operating ice cream vans since 1965.

Not only did the vans go around neighbour streets, you could find them at fairs, beaches, parks and other events.

The tune that played through the speakers was so recognisable…. have a listen and reminisce below!

Here are some other ice cream memories. What was your favourite ice cream?

Sprinkles with vanilla ice cream was a favourite

Yum! What memories does this bring back?

Nuts, chocolate and a flake… what could be more Aussie?!

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A vintage ice cream van still operating today

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Kids love ice cream!

The menu board! The prices have changed a lot over the years…


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This one is from the 1940s but we all know the iconic Peters brand.

1940  olds Peters ice cream

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Mr Whippy vans line up in Hervey Bay

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There was always a long line for the treats.


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Tell us: what are your memories of the ice cream van? What was your favourite type of ice cream or drink? Do you still indulge today?