Can you solve this sneaky number puzzle?

  Many of us in the Starts at 60 community have a real soft spot when it comes to the


Many of us in the Starts at 60 community have a real soft spot when it comes to the online maths problems, logic puzzles and hidden object pictures currently doing the rounds online.

Who can resist the chance to succeed where thousands of others have scratched their heads in confusion?

The latest challenge to take the Internet by storm comes from Antley Lamont Staten, who posted the following challenge to his Facebook page. It quickly went viral, and has so far been shared by more than 62,000 people.

Can you spot the mistake below?


Continue reading for the answer…


Have you found it?

The mistake isn’t in the numbers at all. Look carefully and you’ll find the word “mistake” itself is misspelled!

Is this a clever piece of misdirection, or simply cheating? And how long did you take to spot the answer? 

  1. Frank  

    mitsake – I saw at first glance – but I guess others might not

    I can share something I learned – writers/coders looking for mistakes in what they have written – if they have looked at it many times – the eye actually skips what it has seen before – so staring at forever you cannot see the error

    so the secret to proofreading your own work is – ask the person beside you – can you see any problems in this – and typically they will glance at it for one second and go – ‘there it is’ – and point to an mistake you couldn’t see for looking

  2. sid  

    The biggest mitsake was to write the answer so close to the puzzle that it was almost impossible not to read it before examining the puzzle itself (despite the “continue reading for the answer” in small print). You completely spoiled a good thing.

    • Gillian mcewen  

      Hi Sid, you are correct, I am on the same page …no other comments regarding your response…all stating how clever they are in spotting the mistake, which you had already picked up anyway as my self…cheers

  3. Robin Henry  

    As one accustomed to proofreading, the mitsake hit me in the face as soon as I looked at it.

  4. John Brants  

    Mitsake instead of mistake hit me as soon as I saw the pic.

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