Freshen up your delicates: how to wash your bras

They support you all day but you can’t wait to dump them when you get home. No it’s not your husband, it’s your bra! On average we own 9 bras but only wear 6 of them. I know my favourite bras are worn almost on rotation but have you ever had that perfect bra that has disintegrated in the wash? It’s disheartening but there are ways to make sure the best intimates you own get the best treatment… here’s our tips on how to keep them fresh and how to care for your bras so they last:


1. Always wash after a maximum of two wears

Sometimes it’s tempting to wear a bra more than a few times if it’s a favourite or you don’t have any others ready to go, but it’s a good idea to wash as often as you can so that stains from sweat or perfumes don’t deepen.


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2. Use a lingerie bag

These mesh or net bags are a god send if you have harsh water in your taps or if you do large loads. Keep your intimates separate in a lingerie bag and notice the difference!


3. Clasp your bras before you wash

How many times have you pulled a bra out of the wash and had the straps all tangled up and the hooks have ripped your other clothes or bras? Quite a few. Simply fasten the clasps so the wire stays in place.

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4. Always air dry 

Tumble drying is sometimes the fastest way but bras and underwear can shrink from the heat. Just pop them on a clothes horse or on your clothes line!


5. Cold or warm wash with gentle/delicate setting

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In a rush we can just turn on the hot water and hit the express wash button but this can really damage your bras. Take the time to cold or warm wash your bras on a delicate setting.


This is the best tip we’ve found:

6. Wash your intimates in your salad spinner!

Simply put lukewarm water and a gentle soap or baby shampoo in the spinner with your bra or underwear and start spinning! Dump out the soapy water and rinse, then add cold water and spin again. Empty out once more and then spin without water to get out any excess water. Air dry and voila!

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How have you been washing your bras? Do you have a favourite one you always wear? Do you have any extra tips?