Forget petrol prices, you'll soon be looking for power points

Imagine never having to buy petrol again!

Volvo has announced it will no longer launch new cars with gasoline engines.

The car maker officially announced on Wednesday that from 2019 every Volvo will have an electric motor.

Volvo president Håkan Samuelsson said the move was about customer demand.

 “People increasingly demand electrified cars and we want to respond to our customers’ current and future needs,” Håkan Samuelsson said. “You can now pick and choose whichever electrified Volvo you wish.”

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Even in Australia there are moves to encourage this technology, despite initial slow sales.

Just last week it was announced fast-charging electric vehicle stations will be rolled out at various locations right up the Queensland coast from the Gold Coast to the Far North, with the first one unveiled in Cairns.

Energy Minister Mark Bailey said it means an electric car could be driven anywhere in the state.

“We are a forward thinking government, and we know the future is electric, Mark Bailey said. “This project is ambitious, but our vision is to facilitate increased uptake of electric vehicles in Queensland, getting as many people as possible on board the electric vehicle revolution, as part of our transition to a low emissions future. That’s why fast-charging stations will also be available for use at no cost for the initial phase of the super highway.”

Western Australia it charging down the same path, with 70 charge points being installed over the next few months.

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Renault Nissan Alliance chairman Carlos Ghson has said Australia needs more support from the government to ensure the success of electric cars in Australia, reports

The cars are very popular in China, California and Norway, where they are heavily subsidised, yet in Australia figures show less than 200 had been delivered to customers this year.

That figure, however, does not include Tesla sales.

Would you go electric if you could?