Five top skincare tips for women over sixty

Pick moisturising lighter pink tones for your lips over darker matte colours.

As you get older, it’s important to take your beauty routine along for the ride too. After all, your skin at 60 doesn’t look like it did at 20, and neither should your skincare routine. 

If you take care of your skin, you’ll be able to get the most out of your makeup (if you wear it) than trying to cling to a look that worked when you were younger or using it to hide. 

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1. Give yourself a good base

Nope, this doesn’t mean slather your skin in foundation, it means take care of that skin first! Make sure you’re gently exfoliating daily, and moisturising. You might have worried about using heavier moisturisers when you were younger, but ageing skin tend to be dryer and flakier, so you really need to be using more. There are various serums available too; a good retinol (vitamin A) serum can really help to reduce and prevent those lines.

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2. What you’re putting in matters too

It’s all very well to moisturise and use the right products topically, but the best thing you can do is take care of yourself from the inside-out – it really shows in your skin! Everything in moderation, but cutting back on alcohol and caffeine (they’re dehydrating), drinking plenty of water throughout the day, and eating lots of fresh fruit, veggies, fish, and nuts can do wonders for your complexion, and your energy levels as a bonus.

It’s also worth talking to your doctor and getting a general blood test to check for any vitamin and mineral deficiencies if you think it might be an issue for you. This way you’ll know where you can make dietary changes, or take a supplement to help boost it.

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3. Always. Wear. Sunscreen.

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Yes, even on cold, wintry, overcast days. It doesn’t reverse the effects of ageing – and nor should it; ageing is a privilege – but it certainly slows it down, and most importantly it protects your skin from damage and potential skin cancer. 

Don’t forget to do your hands too, as they see as much sun as your face, and the skin is very delicate. 

While you’re at it, get yourself a nice, wide brimmed hat and some sunglasses too – your eyes are precious as well (and squinting only exacerbates lines).

4.  Don’t forget about your lips

You will probably find that your lips become thinner and drier as get older. Instead of matte lipsticks, try something moisturising and glossy instead, as this will give them an instant boost. If you’re conscious of thinning, lighter pink tones can make them appear fuller, while dark reds and browns can really exaggerate the thinning. 

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5. Your face doesn’t end at your jaw

It doesn’t end at your neck either. Nope, you need to extend your skincare all the way down to where your lowest cut top ends! 

What’s your essential skincare routine or product?