Five tips to get you the hair you want over 60

Now is the time for the hairstyle you've always wanted to try!

Many women think that once they hit 60, they’re at the end of their hair journey – at least for having stylish hair. This is just not true at all, and luckily we’re living in a time where there are so many hairstyle options open to older women, at all points of the maintenance spectrum, so you’re sure to find something you love. 

Check out these tips to hopefully inspire your next style!

1. Embrace your natural colour

If you’re getting tired of your colour upkeep, then stop.

Now more than ever, women are embracing their grey hair and wearing it with pride. Even young women are attempting to colour their hair grey! So, rather than getting your roots retouched every four to six weeks, why not embrace your natural greys?

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It doesn’t have to be boring, grey is the perfect base to get some blonde or even platinum foils which look fantastic!

2. Play with the length

There is the old trope that women over a certain age shouldn’t have long hair, but we say you should do whatever you want.

A change is as good as a holiday though, so if you’ve always had long hair, why not try something shorter, or grow it out if you’ve never worn it long? There are so many different styles out there, play around until you find one you love!

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3. Get regular treatments

While long hair is perfectly acceptable for older women, there is actually a reason many get it cut shorter. This is because hair becomes dryer with the loss of colour as it turns grey, and more brittle as a result.

Cutting it all off isn’t necessary though; if you want to keep it long all you need are some great treatments. Ask your stylist what is best for your hair, and make it a regular part of your routine.

Make sure you keep up with your trims too, to keep split ends and breakage at bay.

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4. Be bold

There’s nothing more exhilarating than sitting in the chair of a trusted hairdresser, and saying “do what you want”. It’s good to have some idea of what you’re going for, but they’re the professionals who know what works for your face shape and hair texture, so have some faith in their abilities.

It can feel a bit nerve-wracking in the beginning, but there’s no feeling like emerging from the salon looking like an entirely different person to the one that went in.

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5. There are no rules, so have some fun!

Wild hair isn’t only for young people.

Forget the conservative hair “rules” you’ve lived by all your life. If you’re retired now, you have no workplace or school to look “professional” for, so now is the best time to experiment with that wild cut or amazing colour. You can get a mohawk or go rainbow if you wish, and no one can stop you!

What is one hairstyle you’d love to try?