Fabulous tricks, hacks and ideas for the avid knitter

Knitting is one of the most relaxing hobbies, and also one of the most productive. If you’re on a roll

Knitting is one of the most relaxing hobbies, and also one of the most productive. If you’re on a roll – there’s no stopping you and what you can make!

As it’s now getting colder, it’s the perfect time to get out the needles and start creating some beautiful items.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, we’ve got that, as well as some handy tips and tricks.

We have a list of the best knitting tips ever and we reckon there might be some clever tricks in here that you didn’t know!

1. Wine corks

Use the corks as point protectors on your big needles.

2. Knit in the dark

You can buy glow-in-the-dark needles, or even paint on your existing needles with special paint.

3. Use a teapot to hold your yarn

Or use a teapot.

4. Make pom poms with a fork

Forks are also great for making tiny pom-poms.

5. Make crochet hooks more comfortable to use with pencil grips

Make crochet hooks more comfortable to use with pencil grips.

Learn to wind a center-pull ball by hand.

7. Download a row counting app – there’s so many out there!

Here’s one for Android and one for Apple.

8. Make t-shirt yarn


via Endlessly Inspired

9. Relax circular needle cords


via Blog.Yarn

10. Keep the shape of your beanie


via Stash Knits

With a blown-up balloon!

Here’s some other knitting inspiration for you: 

Isn’t this yarnbombed bike adorable?

This is such a lovely little jumper.

It’s the perfect weather to wear fingerless gloves!

This yarn is so colourful. What would you make with it?

A photo posted by @etherealfibers on

Snuggling up with this chunky knit blanket would be so warm.

A photo posted by Cissi Lindström (@iissic) on

Knitting away with some lovely colours!

Another yarnbombed chair!

Tell us: do you love to knit? What was the last thing you knitted?

  1. veronica cheeseman  

    yes I love to knit. I have just finished a jumper for my granddaughter plus a scarf and beanie and now on to one for my daughter.

  2. Annie  

    Right I’m knitting a tubular 3-1 headwear,

  3. Sally  

    I’ve started knitting again after many years and I’m loving it, but my biggest bugbear is that it’s really hard to get some needles. A pattern I was using asked for a set of four needles in 6.5 and 8 mm. Nowhere to be found.
    Ridiculous. Shops like Spotlight sell the yarn but not the needles or many patterns to knit with it.

    • Robyn Docwra  

      hi Sally try your local op shop for knitting needles I volunteer at a Vinnies in Melb and we often get knitting needles and pattern books and believe me they are a lot cheaper than Spotlight and other stores that sell yarn and needles…..

    • Ruby Crowcroft  

      You could try the local opportunity shops. I am in N Z and they have them there. Also joining a local craft group and people soon offer you knitting needles if you get stuck. Good luck

    • Sylvia van der Peet  

      I used to buy 2 pairs and then take the end off and use a pencil sharpener to shape a point on that end. If you can buy the needles from an op shop it’s not to expensive.

    • I had the same problem especially as I like the steel needles and not plastic. I have managed to find the sizes I want by looking through the op shops as they usually have a jar or two of needles that have been donated.

    • hineata  

      Every second hand shop I’ve been into has a container of them

    • Have you tried your local op shops. I find all the older stuff there. A lot of needles, crochet hooks & wool.

  4. Evelyn Vines  

    I enjoy knitting, my mum taught me at a young age. I have just finished a baby footy beanie.

  5. david ullock  

    I love knitting been knitting for years since i was in my teens now I am knitting myself a cardigan for winter nights just love it

  6. Barbara Pratt  

    I knit most days today I have made four headbands for my granddaughter and great grandfather do daughter also a beanie for a preemie have recently 6 preemie vests 6 beanies 4 sets booties I also belong to a group and we knit for Romanian orphans we have been knitting as a group since 2001 so that’s a heap of blankets etc.

  7. Susan Clulow  

    Try you charity shops for knitting needles they always have some , also do a search for knitting patters on the internet they are free and you can print out pattern instructions of copy and paste to a note on your tablet.

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