Expecting mother receives sign from God in ultrasound picture

21-year-old mother-to-be, Aley Meyer, says she feels comforted by the hand of God after her ultrasound check up showed more

21-year-old mother-to-be, Aley Meyer, says she feels comforted by the hand of God after her ultrasound check up showed more than just her baby boy.

“It definitely feels that it’s a sign from God,” Meyer told TODAY, after she noticed what appears to be Jesus on a cross in the corner of her ultrasound.

She sees this as divine intervention, as she suffers from chronic illness. Up until she saw the image on the ultrasound she had been constantly worried about how her baby is reacting to medications he is on and if it was doing any damage.

“I’ve been on so many medicines that are scary to be on while you’re pregnant for my Crohn’s disease, so I feel like this is jsut a sign that things are going to be completely OK with him, and it puts my mind at ease,” she said.

The ultrasound image was taken on the 11th of April, and is being shared virally on social media at the moment. She initially went for the ultrasound due to some unusual bleeding, but everything turned out find and it wasn’t until her baby shower the following weekend when her friend’s mum pointed out the image in the ultrasound photo.

“She was like, ‘Come here and look at this. Do you see that?’ and I said, ‘Oh yeah, he;s going to have a lot of hair.’ And then she said, ‘No, over here on the right.”

“When I looked, I was like, ‘Oh my goodness.’ I was kind of taken back at first. I went, ‘Wow, is that really what I’m seeing?’ And I jut looked at it for 30 minutes straight.”

Although Meyer found great comfort in the image, her fiancĂ© initially thought it was “creepy” but he has since changed his tune “He does agree it’s just amazing,” Meyer said.

Meyer’s great-grandmother passed away five years ago, and she was one of the first thoughts that popped into her head when she saw the crucifix, “I sensed she had something to do with it,” she said.

Alecia Fulkerson, Meyer’s mother, is equally amazed and excited by it “And whether it is or isn’t, it just makes you feel better,” she said. “All the doctors have assured us the baby will be OK, but this gives you a bit of extra home and reassurance.”

Baby Easton is due to be born in early June.

Do you see it? Do you believe in signs from above? Have you ever received one?


  1. Joan  

    We all believe what we want to believe, but this is a great mixture of religion and superstition, but if it makes her feel better, it can do no harm.

  2. This type of experience is well documented in psychological literature and is known as apophenia: “unmotivated seeing of connections” accompanied by a “specific experience of an abnormal meaningfulness”.

    In layperson’s terms, it is an illusion brought about by seeing what we want to see.

    When you read about people who think they are beneficiaries of god’s good will, you have to wonder about all those who aren’t and why a god would choose one person and disregard the needs of billions of others. Manh starving children come to mind.

  3. Joan Marshall  

    Who are we to say it is not Jesus Christ? It may well be for some unknown reason. The picture is so clear how could you mistake it for anything else. I believe Jesus is telling the lady not to worry about her baby he will take care of the baby.

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