Learn how to do this quick and classy Brigitte Bardot hairstyle!

Sometimes a fancy occasions calls or an equally fabulous hairstyle, but often the costs and time involved in sitting in

Sometimes a fancy occasions calls or an equally fabulous hairstyle, but often the costs and time involved in sitting in a salon don’t justify the result.

This Brigitte Bardot inspired up-do is the perfect mix of elegance and style, and you can do it yourself at home!

Brigitte Bardot was an icon of the 50’s and 60’s, known for her decadent style, often sporting the beehive hair that was very popular during that time. This hairstyle takes that classic beehive and creates a wonderful look that is perfect for any special occasion (or just because)!

Although it may look a little complicated all you will need is a comb, some bobby pins, hairspray and a lot of volume!

Here is how you do it:

  1. Part your hair on the right side
  2. Separate the front portion of the hair (from behind the ear to the scalp)
  3. Tease the back section of the hair to create volume, this will look ridiculous to begin with but the more volume the better!
  4. Smooth the teased hair back and and create a beehive style, pushing the hair upwards
  5. Separate the back in two halves, crossing the right over left twice
  6. Slide bobby pins (angled upwards) on either side to secure
  7. Grab the back section of the hair and twist towards the right side, rolling it underneath itself (tucking the tail into the roll)
  8. Pin on the left side, securing any loose sections
  9. Smooth out the top of the hive, shaping with hairspray
  10. Grab the smaller section at the front on the right and smooth back towards the twist.
  11. Pin it on the left side where you pinned before (tucking in any hair that sticks out)
  12. Curl the left section away from your face and smooth out with your fingers.

Will you try it?

Here is a video tutorial that will show you just how easy this is:

  1. what!!! she can get a comb through her hair? i’m jealous already. far too complicated for me but what a pretty girl.

  2. Why didn’t you use a photo of Brigette .
    She was stunning back in the day .

  3. Brigitte had mostly tousled hair, parted in the middle, the sides soft and loose and pinned at the back, with the rest of her mane tumbling down. It was “the look” of the early to mid 1960s.

  4. BB always my favourite and did blond my hair for a short time but went back to brown.

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