Eight things you didn’t know you could do with your slow cooker

While everyone knows to use slow-cookers for soups, casseroles, slow-cooked meats and curries, there are some things that people don’t

While everyone knows to use slow-cookers for soups, casseroles, slow-cooked meats and curries, there are some things that people don’t realise that the slow cooker can be used for. Here’s a list:

  1. Apple-spiced butter: Capture freshness in a jar! Creating this highly concentrated form of applesauce is super easy in a slow cooker, and your home will smell wonderful at the end of it all. Here’s an example recipe, but there’s many more on the internet available.
  2. Chicken wings: Who doesn’t love a big steaming plate of chicken wings? Slow cooked chicken wings are not something that people would think of, and they will be ready anywhere between 3-7 hours, depending on the temperature you decide to cook at.
  3. Brownies: Whip up a batch of ooey, gooey Triple Chocolate Brownies in your crock pot.
  4. Oats: Making oats seem like too much effort? You can actually cook a big batch of oats with some berries and other fruits you like in your slow cooker. Also, slow cooked meals freeze really well, so you can make a big batch on the weekend and freeze it to reheat for a breakfast each day of the week.
  5. Cupcakes: Did you know that you could bake cupcakes in a slow cooker? This isn’t a well-known fact, but the cupcakes that are baked in a slow cooker are completely easy and ready in 8 hours.
  6. Ribs: Barbecue purists may debate the method, but you can’t really go wrong with slow cooked barbecued ribs.
  7. Potatoes: Everyone loves potatoes, but what if you could have great baked, loaded potatoes waiting for you as soon as you walk in at dinner time? Just a bit of prep in the morning and adding all the ingredients you like to the top of these potatoes will guarantee a delicious-smelling, mouth-watering meal waiting at the end of the day.
  8. Cakes: While you can always bake a cake, very few people know that you can slow-cook it. This recipe of White Chocolate Raspberry and Cream Cake is an amazing recipe to try out, either for a gathering or just on a regular weeknight.

Is there anything you can add to this list?

  1. Arlene  

    As a teenager I had my waxing done at a beauticians and she used her slow cooker to heat the wax😂😂

  2. Marianne  

    For a different Winter Dessert, place as many varying types of pre-soaked Dried Fruit as you wish, pour in enough Port, &/or Fruit Juice to your liking, to cover base to about 1/4 inch, add a Vanilla Pod, & cook on Low all day.

    Serve with Fresh Cream.

    It’s delicious!

  3. Joanne  

    When working full-time, often used to put on a Whole Chook, on Low, with Vegetables, as I left the house.

    Drizzle Soy Sauce, & powdered Chook Seasoning atop, place an Onion inside chook, & set to Low.

    These days’, there’re so many wonderful liquid accompaniments’ available, use one of those.

    Come home, to a delicious Dinner fully prepared, by the Crock-Pot!
    Upon opening front door, could smell the enticing aromas’. Yummy!

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