Eight awesome and unusual ways to use old pantyhose

As a woman, there are some things that we naturally accumulate over the years: magazines, general clutter, lipsticks, shoes, earrings that have lost their match, and underwear. In my case the culprit is pantyhose. They are everywhere and I honestly swear that I haven’t purchased that many.

However, over the years I have relied on the internet to teach me some skills in using them for unusual things. So we’re sharing them with you now!

Duster – Pantyhose grab dust really well and pick it up. Just pop your hand inside them and get to work! Using your own hand means that it’s flexible and it grabs really easily.

Food strainer – This is an unusual one but if you need to drain water, stretch some pantyhose across the top of a jar, bowl or cup and drain with ease.

Soap holder – I hate holding soap and I often drop the slippery piece while I’m in the shower. Place the soap cake in the end of a pantyhose leg, tie a knot in it and then you have soap on a rope! You can also loop the leg end so it can hang over the tap.

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Broken toy stuffing – You can fix toys that have lost their stuffing by putting some pantyhose inside and stitching up again. You’ll be the best grandma in the business!

Garden tools – You can use pantyhose to tie new plants to a stake to help them grow.

Make your own bath bombs – You can place different bath treat combinations into the leg of a stocking, tie the end and soak in the bath! Some great ways to do it include filling it with citrus, rose petals, lavender or mint and cucumber.

Hanging wardrobe potpourri – Make potpourri with old rose petals, place it in the stocking and hang in the wardrobe.

Vacuum filter – If you’re worried about picking up things like bobby pins or earrings when you do the vacuuming, stretch some pantyhose over the nozzle and they won’t get sucked into the vacuum.