Easy ways to sweat-proof your makeup

The sun is shining, mangos are in season and social events are lining up. You want to look good, but as the weather heats up, your makeup has other ideas. Things don’t have to slide south, here are easy ways to sweat-proof your makeup this summer.

1. A perfect primer

Keeping your makeup in place starts with choosing a solid primer. Primer is best used beneath your foundation to create a velvety barrier between makeup products and your skin. Primer actually mattifies your skin, reducing the appearance of shine and oiliness caused by sweat. Using primer around your eyes will also reduce signs of ageing.

2. The right foundation

Summer is the perfect time to re-evaluate your foundation, and opt for lightweight powders that will keep your skin looking lovely. Powders are less likely to slide off your face at the first sign of sweat, especially when compared to liquid foundations. Mature age skin needs a little extra nourishment though, so ensure that your powder includes a moisturising formula. Look for old favourites such as Vitamins A, C, E or Aloe Vera in the ingredients list.

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3. Waterproof products

Using waterproof makeup is the perfect way to stop the slide. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner will frame your eyes well, and the products won’t smudge or flake. Waterproof eye makeup is also handy for swimming, boating and other water sports. Be sure to use a suitable remover at the end of the day.

4. Beautiful blush

Blush or rouge will make your complexion appear more luminous. Cream blushes are best at combating sweat, because they incorporate L-Lysine and other essential amino acids that sit comfortably on top of your skin.

5. Spray sunscreen

Sunscreen that is too greasy can actually encourage sweat production, but in Australia it’s a beauty essential. To protect your skin while staying sweat-free, spray invisible sunscreen over your makeup. L’Oreal has a good range and includes anti-aging ingredients such as argon oil, shear butter and Vitamin E.

Do you find your makeup runs on hot days? What other tips do you have to share?