Easy tips to get your tiled floors squeaky clean

Just like the other surfaces in your house, tiled floors can get really dirty, really fast.

And, then can be a pain to clean!

If you’re sick of scrubbing your floors with harsh chemicals, there’s some good news.

It turns out, you can actually get your tiled floors squeaky clean without hurting your back – just make sure you keep cleaning them regularly!

Here are a few easy tips to help you get those floor tiles clean.

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1. Sweep and vacuum dirt regularly

It’s important to remove loose dust and dirt regularly from your tiled floors. Dust, dirt, sand and grit can dull your glazed tile floor and tougher dirt such as mud can stain your floors, which is why regular vacuuming or sweeping is important. Be careful when using some brooms, particularly straw brooms, which can scratch your tiles. It’s better to use a vacuum or dust broom to get rid of the dirt and dust. 


2. Mop your floor with vinegar and water

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Mopping your floor with some detergents and chemicals can actually leave behind residue that can make your tiles look cloudy. That’s why it’s better to try using a natural cleaner such as vinegar when you mop. Not only is vinegar non-toxic, it deodorises and disinfects as it cleans. Because your white vinegar is acidic, it works very well at dissolving hard stains and grease – and when it’s dry it leaves your house smelling fresh and natural.  Try adding half a cup of vinegar to you mop bucket full of warm water. Mop thoroughly, starting in the corner of the room and continuing across the room, making sure you wring out your mop as you go. If you want to add a particular scent to your home, try adding a few drops of one of your favourite oils to the mop bucket.


3. Scrub tough stains with baking soda

If your tiles still aren’t clean enough or your grout is still dirty, then it’s time to break out the trusty breaking soda. Try sprinkling your wet tiles with baking soda and then scrubbing them with cloth to get the stains out. It’s important you rinse the areas you scrub with a damp mop that’s been soaked in a mixture of vinegar and water


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4.  Make sure you dry the floors yourself

Once you finish mopping, you should dry the floors yourself. Waiting for the floors to dry naturally can allow fresh dirt to settle in and it’ll become harder to remove. The best way to dry the tiled floor is to use old towels


5. Clean any spills as soon as they happen

If you leave a spill or mess to sit, it can stain your tiled floor and make it harder to clean. That’s why you should clean up any spills or mess as soon as you can. Try wiping spills with absorbent cloths, only using disinfectant or cleansers for heavier messes such as pet mess or raw meat.


How do you clean your tiled floors? How often do you clean them?