Easy DIY Halloween tips and tricks

Halloween is about being creative and having fun with your grandchildren or any trick-or-treaters that come by your home.

You don’t have to spend over your budget this Halloween, and I can teach you how.

Have a look below for some inspiration, creativity and useful tricks to use this Halloween!


1. Halloween faces

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Source: Buzzfeed

All you need is a permanent marker and plastic cups from the supermarket. Be creative and draw some great looking spooky ghosts or creatures. Make them light up with battery powered candles! Place the candle underneath the cup and you have a glowing ghost. Decorate your house by setting these ghosts and creatures around the house, in the bathroom or near the front door.



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2. Spooky cupcakes and cat cookies

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 11.02.55 am2

Source: Buzzfeed

Using your baking skills, whip up some cupcakes, using chocolate chips or M&Ms to decorate the faces. If you are not into baking you can make the cat cookies instead. All you need for the cat cookies are Oreos and M&Ms – be creative with the eyes and see what ingredients you have at home that you can use to make the faces.


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3. Inflatable glowing hands


Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 11.45.51 am

Source: Family Chic
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This is a great idea to stick outside the door or near the driveway. All you need are plastic gloves, battery powered candles, a straw and a cup. Place the glove over the cup with the candle inside, then use the straw to blow up the glove, and there you have it!


4. Yarn/wool wrapped jars


If you have any jars lying around the house and extra yarn, wool or fabric, in colours orange and black, use these materials to decorate. To add flare light up a candle inside and wrap the wool/yarn around the outside.

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5. Frozen spiders


Source: Just A Mum NZ

To make frozen spiders all you need is an ice cube tray and plastic spiders from your nearest party or discount store. Freeze these spiders and pop them in jars or cups with a straw so the littlies don’t accidentally swallow them!

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6. Candy hands


Source: Buzzfeed

Now this is a great Halloween trick; instead of handing out candy, get creative! Use this as a decoration or as a candy gift to any doorknockers. All you need is a few lollies and chocolates and something to tie up with. Use anything from a ribbon to an elastic band.

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7. Spooky door decorations


Source: Honey and Fitz

Looking to decorate the house somehow? You can use anything from toilet paper to party streamers to make this easy door decoration. To make the eyes, use paper or cardboard and to make the decoration secure, use masking tape over sticky tape.

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8. Dress up your pet


Source: Buzzfeed
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Who said your pets couldn’t have fun too? Use any left over costumes, accessories or materials to make a creative outfit for your pooch or cat.


9. Healthy halloween snacks



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Source: Buzzfeed

Be healthy this Halloween and use these fruity snacks for children. Make skewers from rock melon and blueberries and spooky bananas with chocolate chips or sultanas!


10. Inflatable ghosts


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Source: BuzzFeed

Buy a packet of balloons or use any left over balloons at home to make inflatable ghosts. Use a permanent marker to draw on creative faces and expressions. If you want to be even more creative, place a glow stick inside the balloon.


These 10 Halloween tips and tricks can all be made from left over materials at home or you are sure to find them at discount prices at the shopping centre. Be creative this Halloween and make the extra effort to wow the grandkids and trick-or-treaters.