Don’t forget me, I’m family too!

Many people are extremely passionate about not only their pets, but other pets too, which is why it’s hard to

Many people are extremely passionate about not only their pets, but other pets too, which is why it’s hard to imagine how and why some people simply do not like pets at all. In fact many do not even like a pet being around them.

This scenario can spell disaster for any pet! Which is why every pet owner needs to address this question.

What would happen to your companion animal, your special pet, if you suddenly passed away?

Perhaps not realising the devastating effect their death could have on their beloved pet, many owners have never contemplated this serious question.

This is surprising considering the meteoric rise of pampered pet stores that are patronised by owners who want to ensure their pet looks good and is well care for. But most forget to consider their pet’s future welfare.

When a pet owner passes away, or the owner is unable to care for their pet any longer, their pet will most definitely grieve which is why it’s important to ensure your pet does not end up being looked after by a non pet lover or worse still is simply forgotten about.

Can you imagine your beloved indoor dog or cat being tied up to a clothesline or post outside – for days until their cries for help were heard? Sadly countless stories prove that tragic situation certainly does happen.

Pet owners must not fall into the trap of thinking others in their family will know what to do for their special pet all the time, they won’t know nor will their friends.

Some may think they know what to do, even pet minders may too, but you can’t assume so, which is why every pet owner needs to ensure their pet’s welfare is taken care of in the event of their passing.

Let’s face it, not every pet owner has a dog or cat, some own ‘different pets’, and in that case the future care of that pet is paramount.
Detailing and documenting all the important issues relating to your pet is something every pet owner needs to do and there’s a simple solution on how to do that.

Acknowledging your pet in your Will, including all the important information for the pet’s future welfare, plus specifying who would be best suited to become the pets new owner, and leaving that person some funds for the pet’s immediate care.

This is a priority for every pet owner, however most owners neglect doing this, they make too many assumptions that others will think and act the way they do.

But they don’t and won’t!

Unintentional suffering and distress can be easily avoided for your pet if you take that simple precaution.

Is your pet in your Will?