Don’t buy it, make it: DIY dehumidifier

If you live in an area that gets so humid you swear you could swim in the air then we

If you live in an area that gets so humid you swear you could swim in the air then we have something that can make your life more of a breeze. This little article describes how to make a cheap DIY dehumidifier and its very easy.

You will need: two plastic tubs (able of creating two tiers) and rock salt.

  1. Place something inside the bottom tub to hold the upper tub off the bottom.
  2. Poke holes in the bottom of the upper tub and fill with a layer of rock salt. Place this tub inside the other.
  3. The bottom tub will slowly fill with water so check on it every few days and empty when full.
  4. Replace rock salt after it has dissolved.

Do you have any tips to share that help you get through the hot summer days?

  1. Suspect that this would not be very effective except in very small areas and would use salt by the sack full quite quickly.

    • One article I read referred to buying the salt in 50kg(?) bags, as sold for deicing pavements. Closest thing here would be swimming pool salt ($6 per 25 kg at Bunnings). I would think one bag per bucket – but that is a fair weight to lift.

  2. All I hear are people complaining about the heat and humidity, my solution is move to a better climate if you don’t like it.

  3. Mercy. Humidity here reached 96 percent and it was hell for a friend with Emphysema. To do my small unit, I would need an enormous amount of rock salt, and it would be far too expensive.

  4. If you have an air conditioner turn the icon dry (teardrop shaped icon). It will take the moisture out of the air. Becuase there is no humidity you can run your air con on a warmer setting and it will feel as cool as a colder setting, and save energy and your money.

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