Does anyone else feel overwhelmed like this?

We all know Christmas can be very enjoyable but it is a time for high stress. One of our Starts

We all know Christmas can be very enjoyable but it is a time for high stress. One of our Starts at 60 community members has addressed her concerns and wants to know if anyone feels the same:

Anyone feeling little stressed because although you love your family, your four adult kids (no great grandkids yet)? I absolutely adore my kids but my elderly aged parents who are becoming immobile and not well all want to come for Christmas and enjoy the festive season. Then a sister and a brother joins in. As I said I am happy to have everyone but it requires extra work plus plus plus. I am hoping for extra help but I feel I need some TLC too as I normally not a great organiser and find catering for large numbers overwhelming.


Tell us, are you facing the same situation? What are you planning to do?

  1. Everyone knows you should ask for each family to bring an espy and something to eat.
    2 bring sliced ham
    Brings desert or cake
    1 brings buttered bread
    2 bring salads
    You do drinks or baked potato.
    Or similar.
    Even the older person can provide a drink?
    Spread the care around.

  2. All you can do is take the day as it
    Comes I find that if I just roll with
    Things like get on my goat thay mostly
    Turn up ok just bloody find your
    Happy place and stay there for the day
    Merry Christmas πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  3. We had to celebrate Christmas last Sunday as it is becoming more difficult every year as most of my Grandkids have other commitments on Christmas Day and there for if we didn’t make an alternate day to catch up it just wouldn’t happen. That said we all chip in with the catering as we have a large family and no one person should be expected to foot the bill, my Daughter usually works out who she would like to bring what. It not only saves money at the checkout it also saves on the amount of work, then all the grand kids take over with the cleaning up because they are all very thoughtful and well trained and we love them all. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŒ²πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŒ²πŸŽ…πŸ»

  4. It’s not rude to actually tell each of them what to bring. One of Australia’s finest traditions in my book, the old ‘bring a plate’.

  5. My children all bring something and we celebrate Boxing Day all together and try to just have chick.and salads but always my christmas pudding heated.

  6. We only have a quiet Christmas now but there were times when we catered for family and I feel it is only as stressful as you make it. For me it was to plan early, go to the shops early before the crowds, have everything you need at least two days before. Christmas Eve is crazy in Shopping centres and this is when you should be home preparing your Christmas food then on Christmas day there should be no hassles, just enjoy it.

  7. i stopped cooking several years after my parents died. Now it is ham with a bought cooked chook and salad. then i buy a pudding or else buy brandy baskets, drizzle chocolate then fill with assorted berries, then half plain yoghurt (Evia) and bought custard. Tastes great and i manage to have a relaxing day with the family too. My children (and in-law) then clear the table for me. It saves so much hassle.

  8. If you stress over the catering part , then delegate,Christmas is meant to be happy, reflective and sharing, not stressing or you are missing the point altogether . Choose to stay calm , smile and enjoy the moment .

  9. Get your family and sister and brother to help – everyone bring one or two dishes. Forget presents and just enjoy each other’s company. It sounds like you wont have your parents for much longer, share the love with them and give them a happy Christmas. Even if you only had a roast dinner, casserole (or scrambled eggs!), joyful company is what everyone needs. Merry Christmas to you all xo

  10. Yes I do but I am excided as well to see all the grandkids with there presents and what they got

  11. It’s family.. every one kicks in except the real oldies…once a year should balance out with the slow days of the past year. Gird up and get on with it. Lots to do so we do it with a smile.

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