Do you make these common grammar mistakes?

I knew it would happen one day; I yell at the television presenter or radio announcer alerting them that their pronunciation is incorrect, they are stressing the wrong syllable in a word and if they would only think they would learn something.

Hello, my name is Karen and I am a grammar nazi.

Today I found a writer who shares my passion for finding phrases we use incorrectly. Granted some of these have a similar sound, but the author found many of these examples on the websites of establishments of higher learning.

What they sayWhat they mean
Prostrate cancerProstate cancer
First-come, first-serveFirst-come, First-served
Sneak peakSneak peek
Deep seededDeep seated
Extract revengeExact revenge
I could care lessI couldn’t care less
Emigrated to / Immigrated fromEmigrated from / Immigrated to
Slight of handSleight of hand
Honed inHomed in
Baited breathBated breath
Piece of mindPeace of mind
Wet your appetiteWhet your appetite
For all intensive purposesFor all intents and purposes
One in the sameOne and the same
Make dueMake do
By in largeBy and large
Do diligenceDue diligence
Peaked my interestPiqued my interest
Case and pointCase in point
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For the full explanations you can read the original article here.

Some of these mistakes are used so frequently we hardly notice them anymore. What’s more galling is realising you use some of them yourself!


Have you any to add to these examples? Do you like me find yourself so familiar with the incorrect phrase you use it? Please share?