Do others get annoyed when this happens at the shops?

Camilla wrote to us and we think many of you will be able to relate! “The other day in the

Camilla wrote to us and we think many of you will be able to relate!

“The other day in the supermarket the young boy behind the counter called me “Luv”. I know it was well intentioned but I find it very condescending. He had never met me or seen me before. It seems to me that it puts older people into a category of being rather doddery and stupid. What do others think?”

Share your views below and tell us: does this annoy you?

    • Susan Gabriel  

      I always thought it was part of the London cockney language and never took offence, others are darlin’ and the full ‘my love’. I was raised in Kent, England.

      • Susan Gabriel  

        Oh, and I forgot, there’s ‘sweetheart’, of course.

  1. No it does not annoy me. I have too many important things to get annoyed about. I cannot talk anyway because I call shop assistants, waitresses, waiters etc. honey, sweetie, dear, darling. They all take it in good part.

  2. I was called luv many times when I was younger. I didn’t like it but it is not restricted to the elderly

  3. Yep not keen on Luv….a bit cockney for Australia….but I loathe being called ma’am….just a ‘can I help you’….nice smile n that’s enough!

  4. I hate being called darl or darlin or any other way it can be said. I always have to stop myself from saying I’m not your darling, don’t call me that

    • so you just want a robot? they are just trying to be friendly and they don’t know your name….do you know wht it’s like on the other side of the counter? we are a nothing

    • i don’t want to be rude so I just put up with it. I honestly think people who habitually call others darl etc don’t realise they are even doing it, it’s just there way. But I still don’t like it

  5. I’ve used Ma’am since I was a teenager. I decided Madam was too hard sounding, Miss – the woman might be married, Mrs – requires a name after it ( you don’t always know the surname of the person you speak to) so decided to use Ma’am as a matter of courtesy.

    • Lol that’s the only thing I don’t like being called ,it has always reminded of (to say it nicely) a lady of the street worker. I even laugh to myself about that as I don’t know why I feel like that.

      • Bobpritchard  

        Ñay not m’am . The brothel ladey is Mo’dom with the accent on the O..

  6. It seems more common and yes I think it was from oz,along with sweetie ,babe and others Ive got used to it now

    • Sweetie an babe are americanisms love and dear are very common in the Uk and Australians like a huge hungry sponge absorbed the lot.

  7. My goodness I am in real trouble here, I am 63 and Luv is in my vocabulary constantly. To me it is not condescending or anything other than friendly. I much prefer Luv to Madam to be honest. I am starting to feel that there are too many people getting hangups on small insignificant things in life. Let go and live some

    • I am with you on this one Joan, I don’t see anything wrong with being called Luv, and i also do it all the time 🙂

    • Oh Joan, I am so with you. ‘Luv’ is usually said with a happy smile and good mood. My aged group, late 60’s, need to stop being so precious and accept pleasantries from the younger generation as a bonus. At least being called ‘Luv’ shows we are not invisible.

    • Don’t care so long as they are polite. He could have called her Presh like Stella calls everyone haha

    • Joan Whitlam to many of it feels like condensation at its very sarcastic best…i know it is a matter of personal preference but to my it is offending demeaning and downright insulting i am not your luv.

    • I agree with you Joan Whitham iam English and far back as I can remember its part of our every day vocabulary

    • It is a word that should only be used when you truly mean it . Love and hate – 2 very powerful words 🙂

    • Joan Savell I can’t reply for laughing.
      Jonna – it is an endearment, unlike “I love you” which is a declaration of love. There is a big difference. I love all the comments (a statement) and hate all the negativity surrounding an endearment.

    • Robert Lincoln I agree with you love/duck/pet/hen/sweetie/darling (depending where you originate from)! Lol. 😀😄

    • Christa, Robert, Liam, thanks for lightening this up, cool dudes 😉 You know really does it matter weather people call you Luv, Ducky, Pet, it is how they say it, how it is meant. I would much prefer to have any friendly greeting than non at all or some sour puss who can barely bother to speak at all.

  8. Could have been called many things worse. Just a friendly term in my opinion. Suck it up and get upset about something serious.

    • Totally agree with you there Chris’ No big deal for me .It’s better than being ignored .I use it myself 🙂 Have a lovely day

  9. Doesn’t worry me in the least – only thing that DOES erk me off is being told to “have a nice day”!!!

  10. Pet hate comments while out shopping: Being called love/luv, “which of you’s is next” ( I feel like the person has said EWES and often feel like barring at them like a sheep), “kin” I help you, (what happened to can I or better still may I), I am sure there is an abundance of others that get on my nerves.

    • Jan Shepherd if the assistant is any good at his/her job they would know who the next customer is it is called awareness.

    • and sometimes there may be times where you are giving your attention to the customer you are serving…it may be you or are you happy with me constantly looking elsewhere when i’m serving you?….we can’t win

    • Jan, its not the fact that they don’t know who is next in line its the use of the word “you’s”, its the bad grammar that so many seem to use these days. Bit like someone saying ” I seen a dog”, it is “I saw a dog” or Mondee, Tuesdee etc, where is day (Monday etc).

    • Joan Savell…i think i’ good at my job and i take offence at what you say….awareness is very hard when you have so many waiting to be served…also people say we have tickets….kids sometimes take 10 at a time….some people don’t take tickets….we get lost…try it on the other side of the counter….most of us try….most of us do try

    • Jan shepherd hold your head high. I have been on both side of counter. Keep doing good job. Ok👏👏👏

    • Jo-anne MA Kelly thank you. ..i appreciate that. .only worked this side of counter for 4 yrs and been a big eye opener for me

    • Jan Shepherd i am sorry you feel offended but i have worked with the public in a very busy office of which i was the sole worker and believe you me no matter how deeply involved i was with the current customer i always knew who the next client was. It is a matter of observation and it is not that hard and by the way on most days i would see at least 60 customers and as it was an agebcy of an insurance office you needed to have your wits about you.

    • Evelyn Hodges the customers. ..i should say some. ..not many thank heaven. .whistle us like dogs…others interupt while serving people. ..we don’t baaaah

    • Joan Savell i work in a lowly deli …so sorry if i can’t always be as good as you. ..sometimes 30 customers at a time. ..sry

    • I’ll bet all the complainers have never worked in an sort of service industry or retail etc outlet. Just by complaint you are proving you are old and grumpy.

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