DIY fascinators for the racing season

Are you sick of paying too much for a fascinator or headpiece in spring racing season? Christine Millier wrote in to show us what she created easily at home for nothing!

I decided to be creative and made a head piece for my mother to wear out to a local Melbourne cup function on Tuesday.


I always like to recycle so I pressed together and cut some toilet rolls into strips to create sails. I had another piece that I used as the base.

  • I used black texta pen to blacken the outside and left the insides white.
  • I then used double sided tape to secure the sails together and onto the base.
  • I cut out two horse pictures that I printed from the internet and secured them to front and back of my creation with tape.
  • I threaded hat elastic through the base and tied off for the head band and then added a couple of strips of ribbon.
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And for my own fascinator, I recycled a costume pirate hat.

  • I drew a trophy cup template
  • From that I cut out two pieces of gold frosted card and secured them together with double sided tape
  • Then with double sided tape I secured it to the hat, covering the skull and crossbones.
  • I printed 2014 onto the front of the cup.


Do you make inexpensive fashion items at home? We’d love to hear about how you created them! Send through to [email protected]