Disgusting new scam hides behind Australia Post email

I don’t know about you, but I would most likely have fallen for this one… The latest scam uses a trusted brand to gain your confidence, then steals all your data and blackmails you to unlock it.

A Channel 7 report, which you can watch below, explains how victims receive an email from what looks like Australia Post, telling them they have a parcel that needs delivering. A red button in the email invites you to “click here” to track the parcel’s delivery.

The virus then infects your computer, steals all your files – including photos, software, emails, documents and everything else.

The scammers then demand you pay them in money of “bitcoin” to unlock your files so you can use them again.

As the report says, victims have paid up to $600 but not necessarily got their data back.

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The frightening thing is this could happen to anyone – it doesn’t matter if your computer is old or new, fast or slow.

In fact, the faster your computer, the faster the scammers get your information.

If you do fall prey to the scam, however, technicians advise that you should immediately cut off power to your computer to interrupt the download of the virus and the theft of your files.

To do this, hold down the on/off button on your laptop, or pull the power plug out of your desktop.

Watch the report here for other tips on how to protect yourself.

Have you come across this scam or any other we should know about?