Diane Lane reveals what she learned from her parents divorce

Diane Lane at the 2014 American Film Institute's Life Achievement Awards honoring Jane Fonda

Going through a divorce can be hard.

It’s harder still when there are children involved.

But 52-year-old actress Diana Lane has shared this personal story of growing up in a divorced family, on My Turn with Elle.com.

Lane’s mother was a singer, painter, an aspiring actress, and had been a Playboy centrefold. Her father was a taxi driver who also was an acting coach on the side. They divorced when Lane was only 13.

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She described those days of being ‘ping-ponged’ between them as tough.”I had the experience of actually being fought over. It was really tricky to live between two strong, passionate, interesting, fiery parents who are not united in any way.”

There were years Lane didn’t speak to them, but later grew to have a loving relationship again.

It was tape recording Lane found after they had both died that helped her discover their true love for her. It was a recording her mother had done, of a conversation with her father, over her.

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“I hear on the phone the voice of my mother, my father, and I’m hearing them talk about me, and worry. Life was complicated but there was so much love there, and I got to hear them for the first time talk about their honeymoon.”

“I was amazed, because I only got to know them as individuals. They never had a unified front parenting me. I think that the realisation that came for me, finding this audio tape of hearing my parents talk about parenting me, it proved to me that no love is ever wasted.”

Lane has had a broad history of acting, after getting her first role on stage at the age of six

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With TV credits such as Lonesome Dove, and movies such as The Outsiders, The Perfect Storm, Nights in Rodanthe and Under the Tuscan Sun, her latest big screen role is Paris can Wait, while two more moves are set to be released – The Silent Man and Justice League.

She had been nominated for both a Golden Globe and Academy Award.

Lane has been divorced herself. Twice. She was first married to Christopher Lambert then Josh Brolin. She has a daughter with Lambert.

Have you been through divorce? How did you deal with it?