Define your style, then stick to it, to make furniture shopping a breeze

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When it comes to buying new furniture, there are many elements to consider; it must look good, fit in with your existing décor AND your budget, and feel good too.

Theming your house is a good way to make choosing furniture easier. Once you know what you are a looking for style-wise, your selection will narrow down considerably.

While we all have our own style when it comes to making a house or apartment a home, Brianna Christofferson, managing director of Recline Furniture, a stockist of La-Z-Boy, says that there are major themes that work for many people.

“It’s about picking your style and finding the furniture to match.

Think about what you want it to say in the room – and what does the furniture say about you. You can have a traditional piece of furniture and totally change the expression of the furniture with accessories and the colour.”

“It is also about thinking of the setting – and respecting the setting and the amount of space you have. Don’t overcrowd a setting.”

“It’s worthy of a great discussion – we love talking with our clients. And letting them know you don’t have to match ever piece any more, furniture trends are a lot more relaxed and expressive these days.”

Here are some of the most popular themes that you could try if you’re keen to give a more cohesive ‘look’ to a room or even your whole home.


Clean lines and natural shapes are the perfect options for this style. Neutral tones for furnishings can work best, with leather pieces and silver appliances or decorative items always adding a classic touch.


This theme can draw from any number of eras. If you’re inspired by a collectable item you already have at home, an antique side table for example, you can start there. Take your cues for colours and shapes from there, perhaps using your favourite item as a centrepiece in a room.

Art Deco

Go back to the 1920s and 30s with this sparkling style. Mirrored detail, glass, wood or chrome features heavily, along with fur-lined and luxurious fabrics.


If you prefer a more eclectic approach to your house, go for colour, colour and more colour, the brighter the better. Layer up with tribal designs and bring out your favourite of the colours with accents in ornamental items. Velvets can add a luxurious feel to this look.

Nautical Coastal

You can’t go wrong with traditional navy-and-white colour palette. Wood, gold or bright pieces of furniture and decor in yellow or red are great complementary colours to give your nautical look a bit of punch.


A tropical theme can be more than just large palm-leaf prints. Look for any kind of colours you might find hidden in a rainforest. Sisal, seagrass, rattan, bamboo or dark timbers work well, and throw in a bright colour such as hot or watermelon pink as an accent, perhaps in cushions or curtain ties.

Country farmhouse

Dark timbers and neutral colours are popular in this style of home but you can bring the outdoors inside too. Try a touch of lavender or garden green colouring in your soft furnishings, or go for textured linen. If you have country-style kitchenware or storage containers, they can make great vases or statement decorative pieces.

Once you have made your furniture purchase in keeping with the theme you like best, have fun styling your room or even your whole home with soft furnishings and accessories that build on the theme and help blend your existing pieces into the overall look.   

Then you can sit back and truly relax in style.

Do you have a style theme or era you particularly like? What’s been your best furniture buy?

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