Decluttering your house can change your life

Have you ever opened up your linen cupboard only to have a pile of sheets fall down on top of

Have you ever opened up your linen cupboard only to have a pile of sheets fall down on top of you?

Do you have a kitchen cupboard with mountains of plastic containers, or a bathroom cabinet filled with out-of-date products?

If any of these things sound familiar, you’re not alone, but you’re could be in need of a drastic overhaul.

Our homes are so personal to each of us and are often filled with memories and knick-knacks we hold dear.

Unfortunately they are also filled with all sorts of things we could probably do without.

We often get attached to items in our home, thinking we are meant to hold onto them because they were given to us by a dear friend.

Birthday cards lay stacked up and dusty in draws because we fear throwing them away would be some kind of terrible of insult to the sender.

Unwanted gifts are tucked away in cupboards, fading and useless, fuelling pangs of guilt whenever we catch a glimpse of them.

The cold hard truth of the matter is that we don’t need any of this stuff.

You don’t need that slightly hideous novelty mug many of us have lurking in the back of our cupboard.

Holding onto Tupperware you never use isn’t necessary just because you spent a lot of money on it 15 years ago, and keeping a decaying stack of spices on hand even though you never cook with most of them is counter-productive.

Followers of ancient Chinese and Japanese traditions say when you clear out the clutter you make way for happiness.

Removing all the things you can do without is like breathing new life into your home and your body.

Without all the obstacles, good energy can flow through and create a more peaceful and nurturing environment.

In a more practical sense, throwing away things you don’t use or need anymore simplifies your life in so many ways.

First of all there’s less cleaning to do!

It’s easier to stay organised and keep on top of things when you have less to take care of.

The process of throwing things out of your house also makes you more aware about what you’re bringing in.

You learn that you can live with less and are more careful and picky about what you bring back in.

There are three things to consider when your de-cluttering your home: does this item make you feel something? Does it remind you of a happy time? Does it really need to be there?

Experts in the art of decluttering will tell you to think about this as your move through the house. Is holding onto that item necessary for your happiness, or can you let it go?

After getting rid of all the junk many people say they somehow feel lighter and less stressed.

They have less to worry about and their more minimal approach to living is freeing and liberating.

While the idea of clearing out years of memories and belongings can seem overwhelming, experts suggest tackling the task one room at a time.

Take the time to look through everything you have collected over the years.

You’ll no doubt come across things that jog your memory and remind you of a happy time or occasion.

This doesn’t mean you have to hold onto it though. Keep the things that are truly special to you and set the rest free.

Do you feel like you need to declutter your house? Have you ever gone through this process?