Dear young people: stop dressing like crap

Let me ask you a question: If you were called into court for an appearance – nothing serious, mind, just

Let me ask you a question: If you were called into court for an appearance – nothing serious, mind, just a mild telling off over a minor infraction – what would you wear?

At the very least, I imagine any of my contemporaries would wear a well-pressed shirt, possibly a jacket; skirt or slacks, a bit of makeup, hair done as best as possible.

These days, however, it seems you can get away with wearing whatever you want, or at least that’s what this 20-year-old thought:

gym shorts

According to Fairfax media, 20-year-old Breanna Daphney Potter showed up for her court appearance in this outfit.

Had she just been for a run? Was she planning on going for one afterwards? Who knows?

But this article caught my eye, not because of what she was wearing, but because the Magistrate quite rightly ticked her off for her slovenly dress sense (not to mention driving on a suspended licence and to failing to dispose of a syringe).

Ipswich Magistrate Stuart Shearer said to the young woman, “Do you think it’s appropriate to come to court dressed as if you are going to the gym? This is a formal proceeding and you are expected to dress appropriately.”

Hurrah for Magistrate Shearer! May he become mayor Ipswich and king of the world.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of people lolling about in unflattering gym clothes, barely-there singlets (I’m told “side boobs” are a thing with younguns) and generally looking like they rolled out of bed, picked up whatever was on the floor and stumbled out the door without looking in a mirror.

Women are the worst offenders, in my opinion. Did no one teach them that first impressions last? Or that a little heel and a lot of class will open doors for you?

I’m not suggesting that everyone gad about in gloves and hats. Goodness knows, I was the first to reject those. But a little decorum would go a long way, don’t you think?

I worried that I was the only person alive who lamented the fact people wear their slippers to the cinema these days, but it turns out I’m not completely alone.

Writing in the New York Post earlier this year, Elisabeth Vincentelli lamented the way no one dresses up for the theatre any more.

“When people were invited onstage at a recent performance of Penn & Teller on Broadway, many women looked as if they had stepped out of a jazzercise class, while men ambled around in hideous cargo shorts.

“And it’s not just at the theatre where folks have simply stopped trying: Offenders turn up at the Metropolitan Opera in Crocs. A colleague who used to work at the Neue Galerie — a museum housed in a former Vanderbilt mansion — would see visitors in cutoffs.

“But high culture isn’t the only victim. At the airport, many fliers appear ready for bed in their saggy sweatpants — or even pyjamas.”

To Magistrate Shearer, an almighty “thank you” from the bottom of my heart for attempting to maintain the dignity of one institution, the courtroom, even if the people in front of you are a lost cause.

Do you agree that people don’t dress properly any more? Is it liberation – or laziness? 

  1. I think its attitude. ‘F—k what you think of me! I dress however I want to!’
    With some its not really giving a damn.
    Low self esteem. People are ‘innappropiate’, dressers for many reasons.
    This is definately a ,’F–k You!’ occasion though.

  2. the best i own would be a long caftan. thats what i would wear..i dont own dresses or skirts.

    • It doesn’t have to be a dress or a skirt. Neat, clean , tidy and appropriate is to the situation is acceptable. Shorts, singlet, gym gear have their place, but are not suitable for every place.

  3. In my taxi driving days I remember taking passengers to the airport reeking of BO and wearing lewdly suggestive T shirts.
    The 20 minute or so drive was nauseating enough.
    I used to pity the poor passenger who was placed next to them for a long haul flight.

  4. I tend to go with nice jeans and shoes, a knit top and a scarf to concerts, theatre, or dinner out unless it is really a formal affair. My goal is to look polished and pretty but not uptight. It is so cold here in the winter that dresses and pantyhose and heels are not practical or safe for walking outside. I have worn suits or dresses when the occasion calls for them, such as a wedding or career fair at my office.

    • Patricia  

      I do hope you wouldn’t wear ripped jeans though Missy. I wear regular pants (slacks) and a blouse or top that would be suitable wherever I go.

  5. Dear Old People..Get.over it..the worldis going to hell in a handbasket and you worry about how young people are dressing..oh..and they.listen to the music of the devil too..

    • Dear Young People,
      Show some self respect. ( your music has nothing to do with it). Make an effort, dress for the occasion, regardless of your style. If you want to be treated seriously, start by being appropriate.

    • The world is going to hell partly because of attitudes like yours. If there was more respect for each other the world would be a better place.

    • Nothing attractive about short shorts on unattractive women, and as for music I like all genres including heavy metal.

    • You are just plainly rude , have little respect and simply dont care about other people at all , Hmm maybe the attitudes like the one above is why the world is going to hell hey !!!

    • Dear young people….may I remind you that not only are you disrespectful by treating us as ” old people ” but you are disrespecting YOUR parents ,grandparents and all the people you love . And may I remind you that you will never stay ” forever young “. I think all the young ones should attend the army first year after school and before heading into the work force . How wrong can one generation be? And I’m talking about internationally here regardless where they are ! I will blame television and technology and media for it . Imagine what their kids will be and worse how are they going to manage a country.

    • Sounds just like what our parents were saying back in the 60s & 70s😅..I agree, I think oldies have more important things to worry about.

    • Dear Young Person,
      Get that big chip off your shoulder!
      Kind regards
      Old Lady.

    • It’s not just old people it’s every one who respects them selves it’s plain you have no self respect

    • That’s the problem baby person. If you don’t start out in life being instructed in what will be expected of you in the world your chance for success is zero. I doubt you hold a degree or dress appropriately for any function.

    • What about the Gals back in the 60/70 mini skirts
      so short ya got ya photo taken every time they bent over.i never looked thou 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍺🍺🍺🍺

    • Dear Tessa Dina Morgan. What a delightful little ray of sunshine you seem to be! There is such a thing as respect. Not necessarily just for “old people” ( obviously missing in your case) but for oneself. Wearing inappropriate dress for whatever the occasion, be it cut offs to court/church/wedding or a bikini in a supermarket speaks volumes about the person and the attitude. I think you still have a lot of growing up to do,

    • Dear Tessa Dina Morton – your attitude shows a lot about who you are. Probably not going very far in life with that sort of attitude either. Have you got a job? Did you get it by turning up looking like a slob?

    • Dear Tessa, there are some things we do simply because it makes sense. If you are going to a job interview, it makes sense that those you are trying to impress may just be older than you. You need to impress them, not you!!
      By all means wear the current fashion when you are relaxing, but there is a time & place for everything.

    • Tessa the way people are dressing is part of the rot that is prevelant in our society…as for the world going to hell in a hand basket just remember we olds have been there before ( world war 2) the cinditions are all the same unrest in a number if places a great depressin translate the GFC

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