Dating after divorce… in my 60s!

I recently decided to bite the bullet. After eight years of being on my own, I signed up to a

I recently decided to bite the bullet. After eight years of being on my own, I signed up to a dating website and opened myself up for business (metaphorically speaking).

My husband and I were married for 40 years before we decided to call it quits. We hadn’t been happy for years and with the kids all grown up and moved out we decided it was time to part ways.

Although I was ready for it to happen, it still took me years to get used to being on my own. The first few years were tough; I felt angry, lonely and defeated most of the time, but eventually those feelings disappeared and I was happy on my own.

I had routine and rhythm, an active social life and work to keep me busy. Now that I’m partially retired though and down to part-time work, I’ve found myself with a lot more spare time on my hands and so I got to thinking: what about love?

Was there love out there for me in my 60s? Did I want it or even need it? And were there any decent men out there anyway?

My daughters brought up the subject of me dating a few months ago, and since they had been bugging me about it for years, I told them to go ahead and sign me up to a dating website.

It wasn’t long before I got a message from a nice man who said it sounded like we had a lot in common and would I like to meet. I had butterflies in my stomach instantly and went through all sorts of emotions in the space of a minute.

Excitement! Fear! Denial (surely he was just a scammer)! Hope! Doubt!

Once I got my act together, I decided to go for it. We agreed to meet at a coffee shop near the city the following week.

I tell you, driving to that coffee shop was one of the most nerve-racking things I’ve done in years. I had spent the good part of an hour trying to decide what to wear and hadn’t been able to eat anything since breakfast as my stomach was in knots.

Once I got there and we started chatting I felt great though. We spoke for a couple of hours about our lives, our kids, and our interests. He was lovely and I was enjoying being made to feel special in that way for the first time in years.

I don’t know if he’s the next great love of my life, but just getting out there again felt so good. We parted ways with a hug and have been in touch over text a few times since.

We’re meeting up again next week, but this time for dinner so who knows, maybe the night will end with a kiss this time! My first kiss in my sixties – what a thought!

If this small experience into the world of dating has taught me anything it’s that biting the bullet is definitely worth it – even if it’s just for the free coffee!

Have you gone on a date in your sixties or after divorce? Would you start dating again?

  1. John Rolfe  

    I place it all in the to hard basket Seems I don’t have what a large percentage of mature aged women want so I’ve given up maybe things will be better in the next life.

  2. Jeanne  

    Good for you! Given the number of times I’ve chickened out, I know what it took for you to bite the bullet. I hope you let us know how it goes!

  3. Willow  

    The comment “are there any decent men out there” pretty much sums it up for me but with the shoe on the other foot. It seems to me we men are on the back foot right from the start so many pinnacles we have to be and achieve for you how about how we feel or is that not important in the scheme of a relationship. Also the free coffee @ 60 surely it’s about time you paid your way as well. Too many free loaders of the fairer gender makes us of the not so fairer gender wary of what the real purpose of a free coffee, meal, night out is ultimately about.

  4. Suzelle  

    I find it hard to believe that there are any decent men out there for women past 60?! My once de facto partner of 13 years, whom I met a week after my 50th birthday, left me for a woman 25 years younger than himself who had 2 young children. I had no children of my own, so relied on being included within his 3 grown up children’s families (by his previous marriage). Not only did I lose a partner, but I lost out as stepmother and step grandmother as well. He didn’t even have the decency to provide a Settlement for me to pay off our debts. He and his new woman & her kids went into hiding in another country. So 3 years on, unfortunately I have trust issues and feel relunctant to try dating again.

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