Cure the chaos with these mental tricks

Sometimes life can feel like it’s out of control. Like you are only just holding on the for the ride, but things are either passing you by or piling up on you. That’s natural. There are tricks that you can do to try and get control and feel better about the crazy thing called life.

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The first thing that you will need to accept is that there are things that are going to happen that you cannot control. That might sound obvious, but you will also have to agree that it’s ok that these things happen and are not the end of the world.

Something has to change
If things are throwing your life into the tumble dryer, then it might be time to change some things that you can control. Is there something that needs to be fixed that you have been putting off? A call you need to make? If you set yourself, a task to finish the accomplishment will help you figure out your next steps to solve the other problems.

Get the heart rate up
Nothing better for that flustered feeling than to work out. It’ll help raise the endorphins; it’ll calm you down, and it will also achieve a goal. Add those things together and you have a mental cocktail that will give you the resolve to tackle almost any problem.

Get organised
“A cluttered drawer is a cluttered life”. Nothing will get your barrings straighter than finding a mess and sorting it out. I could be a stack of filing that needs to be done, a wardrobe that needs to be sorted, or even that strange drawer everyone has in their kitchen that random things in it. By organising these places, you are jumpstarting the problem-solving part of your brain that could help you with any other issues.

Make a to-do list
You probably already do this, but it’s such a great tip that many forget that it’s worth mentioning. A great to-do list can get your life organised in very satisfying ways before you even leave your chair. A good tip is to put “Make a to-do list” as number one so you can immediately cross something off when you are done. Making progress.

What are some tips you have for getting control during chaotic times in your life?