Would you take up pole dancing at 60?

She’s a proud mother and schoolteacher. In a few days’ time, she may be adding “champion pole dancer” to her list.

60-year-old Lynn Wainwright is about to compete as the oldest contestant at the Pole Fitness Championships in Richmond, Canada.

Wainwright told Metro News she was initially very shy, and only began at her friend’s insistence that it was a great workout.

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“I was scared. I totally had trepidations… I was in room with lots of young people, so it took me a little while to warm up to it”.

However, she quickly took a liking to the fitness, sensuality and endorphin rush it offered. “It really gets you in touch with your own femininity… I loved it and I loved how I felt afterwards”.

With a family history of heart conditions and diabetes, and a personal history of seasonal affective disorder, Wainwright is thrilled to have improved her health, reducing the risks and symptoms through her regular fitness regime. More importantly, it was a great self-esteem boost.

Now she’s taking her hobby to a whole new level: she takes up to 10 pole dancing classes per week. She even her own pole set up at home. Now she’ll be competing with the over-40s in this weekend’s championship.

Watch Lynn Wainwright in action below, and tell us: are you inspired by her example? Would you be brave enough to try it yourself?