Too good to drink


Do you love a coffee? Are you one of those people that can’t function until you’ve had your morning caffeine fix? If so, you’ll doubtless have enjoyed one in a coffee shop or two. But have you ever had one that looked too good to drink?

Baristas these days are spending their time doing more than just pouring your drink – some of them are really going to town on the presentation, with some truly fantastic images etched into the cappuccino froth.

Here are a selection of some good ones we’ve seen here at Starts at 60, but let us know what special creations you’ve come across while imbibing your daily fix…

There’s the smiley face:

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Coffee smile


Or the bunny:

Coffee bunny


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How about a skull?

Coffee skull


Or a dinosaur:

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Coffee dino


There’s a pretty pattern:



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Maybe an apple?

Coffee apple


Perhaps some flowers?

Coffee flowers

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A heart, for the real coffee lovers:

Heart coffee


Or just some impressive swirls:

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What are some of the best designs on coffees that you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments below…