The simple way people are updating their bathroom tiles for a fraction of the price

Forget ripping off the tiles in your bathroom – this trick will refresh your old tiles and make them look

Forget ripping off the tiles in your bathroom – this trick will refresh your old tiles and make them look amazing again.

Did you know you can paint your tiles? Here’s how to do it easily and for a fraction of the price of removal.

Tools needed:

  • Gloves
  • Paint brush
  • Sanding block
  • Paint roller kit
  • Safety goggles
  • Tile paint
  • Masking tape
  • Tile primer

Step 1. Clean and sand

Start by giving your tiles a good clean with a tile-cleaning product. Once the surface is dry, give the tiles a light sand to score the surface. This will help take the glaze off the surface of the tiles and help the paint to bond better to the surface. Once the surface is sanded, wipe away the dust.

Step 2. Mask 

Mask off the edges and any power points with tape. When the masking is done, give the tiles another quick wipe with a rag to clear off all the dust.

Step 3. Prime the tiles

Grab your paintbrush and a roller to apply the tile primer. When the primer has dried, and had time to cure (should be on the tin), give it a very light sand.

Step 4. Paint the tiles with tile paint

Stir your paint thoroughly. Starting in the top corner, work your brush down the tiles to create a wet edge. Then work your way across the wall, maintaining that wet edge as you go.

Step 5. Let it dry and admire your handiwork!

via DNDon
via DNDon

Tell us, would you give this a go?

  1. Not likely, especially applying by brush. Tiles with a raised or textured surface (not smooth) will still show the texture or raised pattern after being painted. I am not familiar with the durability of these paints so cannot comment how well the finish will stand up to wear and tear. One of my pet hates is tiles layed over tiles.

    • That would be the only way I would apply it Lee but I would not use it on an improvement in order to sell a property, my conscience wouldn’t let me. This is a short term fix for me while I accumulated funds for the real thing. And we all know there’s nothing like the real thing.

  2. Did this in a previous house. Worked well. We put in a new kitchen 6 months later so don’t know how long it would have lasted.

  3. Terrible My new place had every bathroom floor & walls spray painted And kitchen tiles & cupboards Looks lovely till they chip and the red & dark blue & brown tiles come through , looks awful . Have done 2 bathrooms , saving up for the main one which has a bath . Besides the cost it is the mess.of jackhammering Never buy a house if it has been painted over, unless you live alone

    • Leone O’Sullivan No , I would be more careful . I have ,son, daughter & gr son living with me, Their big boots scratch the paint . They bump things against doors in Kitchen etc

  4. Was thinking about doing it in my kitchen, on checking prices for everything needed, plus a friend saying you have to be very careful about cleaning or it will come off the tiles, I got new tiles instead.

  5. I did this in my old house before I sold it. I did get someone in to do it and they did a fantastic job.

  6. Jenny  

    Painted tiles always look what they are, painted tiles

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