Make masterpieces out of your old tea towels

Put your hand up if you’ve got a stack of tea towels lying around the house! Many of us do

Put your hand up if you’ve got a stack of tea towels lying around the house! Many of us do and in fact it’s rare that all of them are used. You may have been handed down tea towels from your mother, or given them from friends and family over the years and don’t want to throw them out.

You don’t have to: tea towels can have another life as something else so you can admire them for years to come into of hiding them away.

We have found 10 great ways to recycle those tea towels. Which is your favourite?

1. Wrapping paper


This idea is so simple but lovely. Why not use that tea towel as gift wrapping?

via Chavahs Garden

2. Tablecloth


Sew all your calendar and vintage tea towels together to make a stand-out tablecloth.

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3. Singlet top


This singlet top looks so easy to make if you’re a seamstress.

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4. Reupholster a stool


If you have a small stool around the house that needs a facelift, why not use a tea towel to cover it? All you need is a staple gun and the stool and you’re set.

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5. Bathmat


If you have any terry tea towels, you can cut them up and make this unique bathmat.

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6. Storage baskets


These storage baskets are a great craft idea for a lazy Sunday! All you need is some cardboard to stiffen the box, and to cut the tea towel in an even four pointed cross then sew up the sides.

via Organized 31

7. Baby bonnets


Aren’t these just the sweetest little things? Learn how to make them here for your precious granddaughter.

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8. Plastic bag holders


Simply sew three sides of a folded tea towel and add some draw string and you have a nifty plastic bag bag!

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9. Bunting


Bunting is not only easy to make, it looks great. You don’t need to be an expert seamstress to do this – it’s as simple as cutting your tea towels into even triangles, sewing the shapes back to back then attaching to a ribbon or fabric strip.

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10. Purse


This coin purse is a lovely idea for storing coins, as well as making use of a tea towel you can’t bear to give away.

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Share your other crafts below.