Controversial Aussie politician admits puffing marijuana

It’s a big moment when a politician comes out and drops a reputational bomb and there is none more interesting

It’s a big moment when a politician comes out and drops a reputational bomb and there is none more interesting than when they admit being human enough to have smoked marijuana. And tonight folks that is what Pauline Hanson has done, according to the teasers being planted by The Verdict.

The former Independent and leader of the One Nation Party will admit she has puffed “three times”… just enough to be politically aware but not enough to be socially unacceptable by most people’s standard.

“I will admit when I was younger that I tried marijuana three times – I was really spaced out of my head,” Ms Hanson revealed during the panel discussion airing tonight.

“If you put me in a car and I had to drive, well…”

Pauline Hanson is most famous for the well beaten up lines “I don’t like it” and “Please explain” spoken in perfect “strayan” language and her xenophobia presented at its finest in her maiden speech in Parliament.

She is part of a panel on The Verdict that will debate whether we should legalise marijuana for recreational purposes which is being explored by numerous State Governments in Australia.

Tell us tonight… Do you think recreational marijuana should be legalised in Australia and will you stand up with Pauline and announced whether you once, twice or three-times “puffed” on marijuana?


    • As far as I know in the small English town we lived in for 33 years, it was never available during my childhood and youth. I think it was being peddled later but I never came across anyone who used it. Some kids said they used “purple hearts” and “black bombers” whatever they were, haha, but I never saw any. There were no illicit drugs, but plenty of valium and booze, lol.

  1. I think if many of those Politicians were honest , they would have to admit that tried it too. As long as they are not stoned in our Parliament now , I don’t think it matters what they did in their youth

    • Spot on Libbi. To be fair from time to time I’ve felt like organising a good stoning at Parliament house. Some of the wankers would be better off and more useful if they had a spliff or two.

  2. If they are in Canberra now , high on ICE and other drugs, then that s a worry, if not ..who cares?

  3. Most tried it when young but the media would make such a bg deal the would be afraid to admit it

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