Come to the party by pampering your pets

How much do you pamper you pet?

Pet owners are often known for going to extremes for their pets.

After all, they are part of the family.

It’s not just about letting them into the house, sleep in your bed, or feeding them from fancy bowls either.

These days you can take you pets for extra pampering at the puppy parlour and dress them in designer doggy fashions. 

There are plenty of ideas online, and even patterns you can download for free to make your own fashion and fun play things.

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But how far is too far?

Some people are going all out and giving their pooch birthday parties, complete with special pet treats. As long as owners steer clear of human food that is harmful for pets, there is no reason you can’t invite a few fellow pet lovers, and their pets of course, over to help celebrate.

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Even taking your pets to the kennels has changed, with some now providing video and photo updates, emailed to the owners, of their ‘babies’ adventures during the day.

If that is not enough, try a pet resort, offering things like a valet service, air-conditioned comfort and complimentary hydro bath and blow dry before they head home.

Don’t forget technology either. You can buy a gadget that will throw the ball for you, and also GPS and surveillance systems that allow you to know what your pets are up to even when you are not at home. 

If you are looking for more options there is also doggy yoga and pet massage.

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It is not just cats and dogs that get the special treatment.

There is a resurgence in having a few free range chickens in the back yard, and even these are getting the royal treatment.

Forget a home of chicken wire and bits of tin.

High class wooden chicken coops are just the start, complete with luxurious nesting boxes and chicken swings.

There are a whole range of personalised products available too, from nappies to feather guards, for the special hens at your house.

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How far do you go to spoil your pets? Share your stories, and we’d love to see your photos too.