Colourless… DJs Christmas windows disappoint while Myer and others win

David Jones has unveiled their Sydney Christmas windows to adoring fans that would normally line up for a look, and

David Jones has unveiled their Sydney Christmas windows to adoring fans that would normally line up for a look, and the overwhelming response has been “nice, but nothing to see here”.  It seems the store has prioritised products and line drawn cardboard cutouts over the novelty and romance of Christmas which it has previously been so famous for, and for which other department stores around the world are winning at.

Apparently designed around the colouring in book craze that is storming publishers, the windows are colourless, with their only dominating features the fashion and products they want people to buy.  It contrasts with previous years, and with other stores.

In contrast, Myer in Melbourne has well and truly got it right, with their display of miniatures capturing the perfect romantic essence, and the hearts of those on the streets.

Take a look for yourself and share your thoughts.  david jones windows4

david jones window 2_1



Myer in Melbourne seem to be the big winner in Twitter, with great accolades for their miniatures.

Cuteness overload at the Myer Christmas Windows – check our quick review & pics on the blog now 😃 (link in bio)

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60 years of Christmas windows at Myer #myerchristmaswindows

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Harvey Nichols in London is also being applauded


  1. Oh well bowing down to the MUSLIMS AGAIN getting sick of their demands they come here and try and change our ways they can go home and let us enjoy our Christmas our way

    • who mentioned Muslims? I thought we were talking about the artistic merit of the Christmas windows?

    • Yeah and who would want them toned down some places are in fear of upsetting them so they have toned down their Christmas lights

    • Muslims consider Jesus a prophet. They don’t object to Christmas. I don’t know where the silly idea that they do came from. Probably cost cutting and they’re convenient scapegoats.

    • While I was working I had 4 Muslim children I worked with and at Christmas I gave all the kids I worked with a Christmas gift, so I asked the parents of the Muslim Children if It would offend them if I gave them a gift and they made it very clear that they DID NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT. I don’t know where some of you people get your information from but it’s wrong.

  2. Amazing how all these retailers have forgotten the real meaning of CHRISTmas. Not one nativity scene in sight. Sad.

  3. Absolutely shocking…….disgusting effort David Jones…..PC gone mad again …nothing about those windows said Christmas….was there on Thursday with one grandchild…..sooooooooo very disappointing 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  4. Put jesus back in christmas we want our christmas with the nativity if they dont like it they can always go home to their own counyry snd have it their way

  5. I went Chrissy shopping last Thursday. It was quite a miserable event, just like any other shopping day. No decorations to speak of, DJ’s was abysmal, not a reindeer or bauble anywhere. Westfield had the same old tired decos they have wheeled out for the last 10 years. Not a single decoration in the Mall and heaven forbid anyone play Chrissy songs let alone Chrissy carols. So, guess what,? I came home and have now finished my shopping online, totally avoiding the department stores. Unless the commercial Christmas Spirit comes back to the shopping centres in the way of decorations, music and Santas saying Ho, Ho, Ho, I can’t see the point in spending my $s there.

    • I have actually written on DJ’s F/B stating the above. Maybe others might like to try the same.

    • I have to agree with you Anne, with Christmas and birthdays combined over the next 6 weeks the store just missed out on 21 presents, I have got the lot on line for the last 3 years because of the lack of Christmas spirit!

    • Okay I understand its about joy love caring for each other , respecting each other beliefs !!.. haha remember we aren’t allowed to say hoho or Merry Christmas !! Why I wonder why ?? We know why don’t we ?? Speak up everyone

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