Clean your house with food!

It might seem like a nightmare, cleaning your house with food, but hear us out. Some foods we are used to eating are actually pretty nifty in helping us around the house. But won’t it cause a mess? Nope, and the benefits outweigh any negatives!

Here’s how you can clean your house with food and impress your friends and family:



Clean your rusty metal with a potato by cutting in half, dipping the cut end into table salt and rubbing it all over the rusted areas.

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Say goodbye to grease in your oven or oven trays. Cut a grapefruit in half, dip the cut end into salt, and scrub the bottom of your greasy oven. You can also use it on dirt-encrusted oven trays and the inside of your bath.

White bread

Dab bread over any dusty surface to pick up the dirt.

Tomato sauce

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Rub a thin layer on the surface of dull or tarnished copper and stainless-steel pans. Leave for 30 minutes. The acetic acid in the vinegar in the ketchup will react with the tarnish and remove it.


Polish your leather shoes with the inside of a banana peel – wipe away the remaining banana residue and buff with a soft cloth for a glossy sheen.

Coca Cola

Pour a one-litre bottle into the bowl and around the rim. Leave it for at least an hour or, better still, overnight. Most of yucky stuff should have been dissolved and will disappear when you flush — although you may need a brush to work on more stubborn stains.

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Citrus can zap grime from your microwave, remove stains from linens, and shine brass.

Swish a scoop of uncooked grains (with warm water and a little dishwashing detergent) around the inside of a vase to scrub hard-to-reach spots.

Table salt
The course texture of this cooking staple can erase stains from butcher block countertop, and helps release stuck-on food from your cast-iron pan.

Got a scuff or a scratch on your wood furniture? Rub it with a walnut (shell removed) to mask the damage.

Powdered lemon or orange drink
The citric acid in your favourite drink powder can help banish rust and stains from your dishwasher.

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Cream of tartar
This common baking ingredient can remove the greyish residue that shows up on aluminium utensils after you run them through the dishwasher.

Bi-carb soda
Mixed with warm water, bi-carb is an effective all-purpose cleanser — it can even shine jewellery.

Grab leftovers from your last big party to deodorise clothes and shine chrome and porcelain fixtures.


What food do you use to clean the house? Which of these worked for you? Tell us below.