Cher sent this tweet about the Istanbul attack and got slammed by furious fans

When Cher sent a tweet to show her support for the victims of the Turkey bombing this week where at
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When Cher sent a tweet to show her support for the victims of the Turkey bombing this week where at least 41 people have lost their lives, she received massive backlash.


Of all the things she could have added in the tweet, she added these – a bomb and an explosion emoji.


An angry fan tweeted…


The 70-year-old music legend quickly apologised to fans on Wednesday after tweeting about the terror attacks at the Istanbul airport which have taken the lives of 42 victims so far.

Cher followed that post with another, writing, “Been thinking about my Poorly Placed, Insensitively Timed ‘bomb Emoji’. No Excuse,” she wrote using a broken heart emoji. “I’m Used 2 Using Emoji 2Help Say More Than 140 Letters. Sorry.”

Hours later, she explained to fans on Twitter why she had been very quiet, writing, “No Twts 2day, Cause, Wanted2 Think About Sensitivity. Meant No Disrespect, But That’s Not Enough. DOWN A FEW PEGS, IS OK #WalkAMileInTheirShoes.”

While some fans were offended by the tweet, many others came to Cher’s defence, saying that she had done nothing wrong. Poor Cher.


The gun and bombing attack on the Ataturk international airport in Istanbul on Tuesday night saw at least 41 people killed and 239 wounded.
Thirteen of the 41 dead are foreign nationals, including five from Saudi Arabia, two from Iraq, and one each from Tunisia, Uzbekistan, China, Iran, Ukraine and Jordan. The Palestinian ambassador to Turkey has also said a Palestinian woman was killed, reports The Guardian.

Is it fair to say that using emojis for serious matters is insensitive?

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