Check out the rocket designed to take humans to Mars!

Prepare for blast off! The rocket that is likely to one day transport humans to Mars has finally been constructed and it is a pretty exciting concept!

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According to the Daily Mail, Nasa moved the Delta IV Heavy Rocket onto the famous Cape Canaveral launch pad – the same place that space missions like Gemeni and Apollo were launched from too.

The rocket is massive and the three delta boosters (you’ll know what they are when you see them!) generate almost one million kilos of thrust and the exciting thing is that while these are appropriate for the short term missions, these will be replaced by even bigger ones for human transportation.

This capsule, called the Orion Capsule is expected to have its first test flight in December this year and they hope it will be flying for many, many years to come.

So check out this amazing video below of the final construction phase and tell us, if this was the rocket you would travel in, would you go to Mars?