You can only go to one concert. Who would you choose?

This is the ultimate question. If you can only go to one concert…who would you choose? Elvis, the King of Rock

This is the ultimate question. If you can only go to one concert…who would you choose? Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll or Janis Joplin, the Queen of Psychedelic Soul?

It’s amazing how certain artists can inspire us and bring back so many fond memories.

We’ve asked our Starts at 60 community before and here are some of your responses:

Christopher said, “Elvis but only in the 60’s, not during his awful Vegas years” and Marie agreed saying, “Elvis, Elvis, Elvis and more Elvis!” Interestingly, Georgia said “I was never an Elvis fan…But all these years later I have come to appreciate what an Entertainer he was.”

On the other hand, Pauline shared with us saying, “Janis Joplin without a doubt. She was an integral part of my teenage years. I just loved the passion in her voice and her energy.”

Janice said “I love the early Elvis, but would go to a Janis Joplin concert for her energy and gutsy songs.” A similar comment from Julie who said, “Joplin hands down she got me through my late teens helped me study”.

So if you could only attend one concert, would you want to see Joplin or Elvis? What are your memories of these artists?

  1. [email protected]  

    went with a girlfriend to nGreymouth to see Elvis first movie in 1959 and we both fell for him in a big way.Love me Tender.with no T.V. back then we didn’t know much about him except we loved his music.Blue suede shoes and Heartbreak hotel were the first 78 records I bought and I drove my Father crazy playing them over and over.I was 17 at the time.would have loved to have seen him in person.
    I am 77.

  2. Christina  

    No brainer, Elvis of course. Had a cousin in the US that actually went to his last concert. I would have mortgaged the house to get to see him. LOL

  3. Sally  

    Absolutely no doubt, Elvis. I have been an ardent fan since I was 10. I have a version of every song he ever recorded, many in video form so I can watch him too. Recently I discovered EP Express, an online radio station that just plays pared back Elvis music. Much of it is Elvis in the studio with his musician working out how to put the song together. It’s a real “fly on the wall” experience – feels like he is still with us

  4. BARBBARAH O'Toole  

    Elvis the one and only King of Rock and Roll

  5. Anne Wood  

    Anne W
    Absolutely Janis. She had the most phenomenal voice and range. Her version of Bobby Magee is still the best. Sadly such a short life or she might have left a more lasting legacy.

  6. Elvis great artist the other was to full of her self , drugs boose and tablets real dirty looking elvis was no angel but he was the king

  7. Judith Lowe  

    Definitely Elvis. He could sing rock, or tender ballads, great versatility. I always found Janis Joplin just an awful screecher!

  8. Lyn Ward  

    it can only be one person and that is ELVIS of cause as no one else would do.He is the King of Kings and always will be.

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