Which year was the best one of your youth?

The best year of your life can be defined by so many things.  Most importantly, by the moments you remember

The best year of your life can be defined by so many things.  Most importantly, by the moments you remember it for.

Here’s some quotes from people who remember their twenties as their best years… Which year of your life stands out as the best to you?

Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – life itself. Walter Anderson

20-somethings have the tendency to imagine that their 20s are the last chance they’re going to have to experiment, explore, and party. This is a false premise. Restaurants and cafes continue to let people over 29 through their doors. They even serve them alcohol. Holden Desalles
Start your twenties with a lot of friends and leave with a few good ones. What happened? People faded away into their careers and relationships. Fights were had and never resolved. Shit happens. Ryan O’Connell
26 shows up in the middle of coffee one morning and hands you a freshly printed memo that reads: “You’re going to get old one day and die. You’re cool for now, but it will happen. You’re officially on notice. You won’t be young forever.” And then 26 struts out of your office, like an unconcerned dick, having nonchalantly just changed your entire perspective. Jessica Blankenship
When you’re single and in your 20s, you throw on a pair of jeans and look fabulous. Sheena Easton
Remember in your late teens and early 20s when your friends would get knocked up and you’d be like, HA-HA, sucker! Have fun milking your boobs while I hit ~da club~? Well, here’s your karmic payback: age appropriate people are tying the knot left and right and YOU’RE NOT ONE OF THEM. Stephanie Georgopulos
[H]appiness comes out of being willing to do your work in your twenties to find out who you are, what you love. Candace Bushnell
  1. Without a doubt …1956 , I was actually 21 that year .. but for me it was the year I met and married my late husband John…All my friends were married and some had children … so always , John was heard to say that he had .. “taken her off the shelf ” …but I loved him for it ………

  2. Jann Olsson  

    I am now 81 and my best year was when I was 19 I suppose it was because I had so many boy friends and danced and partied the whole year now things are a little bit slower ….but I do have the man in the local deli who informed me ” he wants to make babies with me” I told him he had missed that boat even if I was a born again virgin

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