Which film do you regret watching when you were too young?

It might have been a horror scene, sex scene or even a satire that you were quite ready for. Whatever

It might have been a horror scene, sex scene or even a satire that you were quite ready for. Whatever it was, we all have that one film we watched when we were too young. There’s a reason films are rated – to try to prevent kids from watching them! Which film do you regret watching too young?

The extent to which a certain film can affect your adolescence is unclear but it likely left you with a deep-seeded phobia or unfortunate understanding of life that you wish you didn’t know. It can be a scarring experience.

Were you strict about what your children watched on TV and at the cinemas? Nowadays there is increasing concern about what violence is okay to show screen to the younger generation. In the VHS age, it was possible to restrict what kids had access to but it’s difficult to do so in the digital age with so much more access instantly online.

It’s a tough question that many parents struggle with how to manage. Is there a golden rule about where the draw the line? When did you watch your first horror film? Do you wish you had waited till you were older?

  1. ArthurAnd Pat Lupton  

    Abbott & Costello meet the Mummy, scary when you’ re 7 years old & have a vivid imagination.

    • Susan Gabriel.  

      Me, too, Abbott & Costello when it was a spoof on Frnkestein, I was scared so much I hid my eyes while my parents and the audiance were laughing all around as Abbott or Costello, the tubby one, moved back slowly not knowing the monster was behind him. I don’t know the outcome, wasn’t watching!

  2. Psycho, I have see through shower curtains. Almost killed my husband when he snuck in and hit a solid one. i would not have been charged with murder….justifiable homocide!!!!!!

  3. Old Yella!! Saw in a city cinema in Brisbane. The lights came up and I was still bawling!!!

  4. Robyn Hardy  

    Monster from the Black Lagoon. 😬😬

  5. Joan Marshall  

    The God Father and The Deer Hunter. The movies did give you a good idea of how human beings could inflict such pain on another human being. The God Father for vindictiveness and greed. The Deer Hunter for what our soldiers suffered in the Vietnam war. People greeted the Vietnam soldiers when some returned to Australia as Baby Killers and generally Killers. What ignorant people will not remind themselves of is, the soldiers have no choice when they sign up and take an oath to defend the country at all costs. As for saying no other country could attack us is also ignorance. The only country who would come to our help is America so do not bite the hand that feeds you and stop running the Americans down.

    • Susan Gabriel.  

      Hearing about the horse’s death, I didn’t go and see the film.

  6. Sue  

    Wait Until Dark. Then catching the bus home and having to walk 10 min home in the dark after getting off the bus. Scary

  7. Monica Caughey  

    Experiment in Terror. Oh boy. I was at boarding school and a teenager. Then we had to walk past a graveyard to get back to our college.

  8. frank portsmouth  

    Alfred Hitchcock the birds ,,,

  9. Barb  

    The Exorcist. I was 18. However that movie scared me to pieces. I was up for 2 nights in a row and remember waking my mother up to talk to me about God. To this day (Sassy Sixty)😉, I’ve never seen the movie since.

  10. Gayle  

    King of king s. I was 3 or 4. Jesus was nailed to the cross. I was physically sick

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