Where do you shop for your groceries?

Where you decide to grocery shop will determine how much you spend and the quality of your food. For many of

Where you decide to grocery shop will determine how much you spend and the quality of your food. For many of us it depends on store convenience and price but for others it boils down to loyalty for certain brands. So we’re wondering, where do you think is best to shop? Are you loyal to a certain chain – Coles, Woolies or Aldi?

Interestingly, a mother-of-two, Lidia Bonanno, said “I think Aldi is the cheapest, second best is Coles for value and then last is Woolworths,” she told The Sydney Morning Herald. Do you agree with her or think she has it all wrong?

Choice conducted their own research they found similar results and agreed that Aldi is the cheapest. They also said that independent chain IGA was the most expensive, being eight percent more expensive than Coles in the products they bought. Although there are lots of arguments for shopping independently and supporting local farmers, do you think it is economically feasible to do so?

The same study also found that where you live can affect how much you pay. Choice said that people living in NT and WA are paying the most while shoppers in the eastern states save the most. Have you noticed price differences around the country in your travels?

Where do you think is the best place to shop?




  1. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Aldi is the cheapest. Coles next for a couple of things. Only go to Woolworths if something I use to get at Coles is no longer available. IGA when they have specials on.

  2. Yvonne Vishnich  

    I live in SA and shop at Foodland, most of the shops are owned by Roger Drake who is well respected in the business & he gives pensioners 5% discount on Wednesday & Friday.

    They have a lot of Australian products but some from overseas, it is up to the customers what they buy, I have never had any complaints with the groceries.

  3. John Hunter  

    The town I live in only has an IGA, way too expensive, lousy fruit and veg, great deli.
    I take the bus to the next town and shop Coles because they have fresher and also more variety that I like and are cheaper. Occasionally Aldi, but not enough variety. I call our town Ripoffville because everything here is dearer than 40ks away.

  4. Rob Ozanne  

    We have 2 shops for groceries in our town, IGA and Food Works. Coles and Woolworths are 37kms away, the only things I know about Aldi is what I have read on line.

  5. Ian Cowley  

    I shop where convenient, wether it be Woollies, Coles, IGA or Aldi

  6. Christine Evans  

    Aldi is the cheapest ,have great things like unsalted nuts,produce and butcher section very good, What. I cant get at Aldi I go to Coles for, though find I am able to get more and more at Aldi. Biggest hazzard the specials down the centre !!!!

  7. Gloria  

    ALDI of course except for some unusual items being on a pension you look for value for money, but I do not buy anything made in china, Thailand etc

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