Where did you get married?

It’s one of the most memorable days of our lives and the location can make it even more special. There

It’s one of the most memorable days of our lives and the location can make it even more special. There are a whole range of places people choose to have their special day. Some people decide to┬áhave their wedding at a local spot around town while others travel overseas to tie the knot. Where did you decide to get married?

Here are some of the top wedding locations around the world from 2015. The list contains picturesque mountaintops, vineyards and white-sand beaches – they truly are spectacular spots. Did you get married at any of these destinations?

  • Hawaii
  • Jamaica
  • South Africa
  • Costa Rica
  • Bermuda
  • Mexico
  • Bahamas
  • Paris, France
  • Barbados
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Phuket, Thailand
  • St. George’s Grenada

Do you wish you could have been married at one of these locations? They truly are amazing! We reckon they sound more like honeymoon destinations than wedding locations! Whether it’s for a grand event for hundreds of guests or a more intimate affair, a wedding venue can make all the difference!

A Starts at 60 guest contributor wrote a piece for us recently, “If I could relive my wedding there’s so much I would do differently“. Tell us, would you change anything about your wedding day?


  1. Jane Playne  

    Wouldn’t get married to the male who didn’t disclose to me he had Asperger’s Syndrome, on Autism Spectrum.
    I was going out with others’, & made the worst choice of all……..

    I couldn’t work out why he was so uncommunicative, had no empathy, or sympathy, was very ‘cold’ natured, was very clumsy, & had exceptionally, incredibly poor social skills. He had an academic brain which gave him three Degree’s.

    After 39 years married, & of my ‘carrying’ him in just so many varied situations, & bearing him two children, he ‘dumped’ me, stating in his Divorce Affidavit he wanted to be ‘a SINGLE independent person’.

    Well thanks for wasting two-thirds of my life!

    I’m now too old to meet another male, & have some companionship, at least. This, silly me, was what I thought we’d have into old age, but he decided otherwise, more’s the greatest pity.

    I’m very alone, & lonely, very sad, daughter wasn’t in contact with me for nearly three years, haven’t heard from son in over two years, yet they both have time to be in constant contact with their father, his family, & their friends. They sure as hell don’t want anything to do with me.

    Mum’s on the ‘junk heap’, & will be til the day I fall off this mortal coil.
    The way I feel at the moment, that can’t come quickly enough, really.

    I’ve lost everything I loved, & had. My life of nearly 40 years’ is packed into hundreds of cartons, in storage, the contents of which, will NEVER see light of day again, as this house is VERY tiny, which means I WILL never see all my beautiful things again, especially my beloved books I’d collected!

    I live in a ‘hovel’ now, having come from a huge area’d high-set home, which we’d built, on quarter acre in a beautiful suburb. This place has NO cupboards, except two small ones in kitchen, is low set timber, is in a ‘gully’, which is all I can afford in high Rent.

    Life’s a s@&$ sometimes!

  2. Liz Tant  

    Not judging ,but perhaps 39 years ago he didn’t know he had aspergers/autism. It really wasn’t so readily diagnosed or public then

    • Jane Playne  

      Liz, thank you for your kind words.

      What you say maybe true, but his actions were the same, when we were ‘going out’.
      I certainly knew nothing about AS, & didn’t put 2 & 2 together until about 20 years’ ago, when friend, with medical training, said about the possibility of his having AS.

      He got worse, & worse as time went on, to the point, he believed he’d separated from me ten years before Divorce, by taking his Wedding Ring off, & other weird actions.

      Trouble is, he didn’t bother telling me that we were separated!
      First I heard of it was from my Solicitor, who just said it was the ‘most bizarre’ circumstance he’d ever come across. So that says much.

  3. Raewyn Oliver  

    Sad, but do not think that was the reaction SAS wanted.

    • Jane Playne  

      Read the last sentence of SaS paragraphs above, Raewyn, BEFORE you comment wrongly, & insensitively!

  4. I got married 48 years ago, in our local Catholic Church, with our families, Aunts Uncles, cousins and friends. with us on that day. Still happily married.

  5. Lilian Cooke  

    We were married in a Catholic Church in Rydalmere, NSW. It is now 50 years and we are still happily married.

  6. Marlee  

    We were married in Geelong, Victoria in 1963, so coming up 53 years in October. Still happily married.

  7. Michael Cole  

    Got married 1971 in St Marks in East Brighton Church has now been pulled down to make way for units

  8. We got married in the Presbyterian Church South Yarra on Punt Road. July 1966. Very happy memories of nearly 50 years ago, and yes I would do it there again. Parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. A traditional family affair.

  9. Cheryl  

    We got married in Veale Gardens, South Australia 10 years ago and we wouldn’t change a thing.

  10. Linda  

    We were married in Nowra, NSW at St Andrews Presbyterian Church on the 21st of April 1973 still together and ready for retirement

  11. Sarah  

    We were married in St Marks church Highcliffe Dorset UK, Mr Selfridge & family are buried in the grounds here. Was a very special day for us!

  12. Marion  

    Was married in my local Parish Church, by PP, assisted by husband-to-be’s Methodist Minister.
    Our Reception was lovely, especially as my Mother was having a great time with her lifelong friends’.
    She died of cancer, exactly one month later. I still miss her terribly, every day.

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