When was the last time you tried something new?

Do you play it safe? It’s easy to fall into a routine and do things, go places and see stuff that we

Do you play it safe?

It’s easy to fall into a routine and do things, go places and see stuff that we are familiar with. Besides, familiarity and comfort often go hand in hand.

Looking to change things up? There are many ways to mix it up and challenge yourself. For example, sign up for a new class or joining a new social group. Maybe even start volunteering for a new cause.

According to health professional Katherine Zeratsky, Trying new things leads to increased confidence and self-esteem. It also reduces boredom and loneliness, and it’s a major driver in personal growth too. Here are some ways to build your confidence:

Overcome fear
It’s common to fear the unknown and any new adventure involves some of that. But don’t give up because you’re too shy or feel like you’re inadequate, or scared of failing. Instead, see this new thing as an experiment.

Build on past successes
Think about your past experiences; how did you make things work? What you did ahead of time to help make the experience successful?

Build on strengths
Think of the areas you do naturally well in your life and consider trying something in those areas. It will also help you with confidence.

Approach with curiosity
Instead of approaching new things with caution, try approaching unfamiliar things with curiosity and wonderment.

Find the fun
When trying new things, focus on having fun. Besides, the more fun you have, the more likely you are to stick with this new thing over the long term.

What new thing did you try recently?

  1. Eve  

    Just this week, we had the NBN installed so rather than pay and wait for someone to come and set it all up I decided to have a go. So consulted paper instructions forged ahead. I soon had IPhone, IPad, Laptop set up and the following morning the TV set up, very pleased with myself I must say. Once the TV was set up I have been able to tune in FM radio and get Netflix going (great for a wet weekend). I am 68 and feel accomplished.

  2. Yesterday I operated my first Dingo. It’s a small, but efficient diesel powered front end loader with the possibility to do several other things – like drill holes in the ground with an auger.
    My daughter is doing some landscaping and called me Friday to ask, “Dad, if I rent a Dingo, could you use it to level my backyard?”
    Dad: “What’s a Dingo?”
    After an explanatory chat I said, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”
    Well, it turned out to be a new experience and fun. Plus I got to spend two days with my lovely daughter working on her landscaping project. She’s a single mum, so unfortunately – or fortunately depending on how you look at it – I get all the trade jobs and other jobs she can’t handle.
    It’s amazing what you can master if only you are willing to give it a go.
    So, now I’m a Grey Nomad with a background in adult education and human resources management who can also operate a bloody Dingo. How good is that?

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